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Offsite Meetings – Why Every Business Needs to Utilise Them

This article aims to discuss the benefits of offsite meetings and how businesses can utilise them to their advantage. No matter what kind of job you have, chances are you are involved in meetings. ...


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5 Team Building Activities for Conference Calls You Need To Try Out

Let’s face it, there’s only so many times you can play Two Truths and One Lie before you and your new-found conference call buddies suffer from boredom, stage-fright, or straight up second-hand em...


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How to Run a Team Meeting | Tips to Keep Delegates Engaged

If you work in an office, chances are you attend or run regular team meetings. Meetings themselves can be really effective and engaging, but over the years they've gained a bad reputation. Most worker...


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Icebreakers for meetings & training seminars

Within any workplace, meetings are commonplace, whether they are a large scale gathering of the department or quick team catch-ups. All employees can benefit from having a strong sense of team within ...


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Top tips for keeping employees engaged during a work meeting

Meetings are fantastic for getting feedback and exchanging new ideas, as long as employee engagement is high. To maintain a high level of engagement, it's important to spend a little time properly pla...


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5 things you shouldn’t do during a corporate presentation

Presentations can be daunting, especially if they're in a corporate environment. You want everything to run smoothly, so we've put together a guide on 5 things you shouldn't do during a corporate pres...


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How to be the best conference guest

Attending a meeting or conference is very common in the business world. But there's a difference between attending a conference and really engaging with the material. So much more can be gained from a...


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Why timekeeping is so important for conferences and event planning

There are certain things that you can take at a leisurely pace, but running a conference or event isn’t one of them. Impeccable timekeeping ensures an event goes smoothly and to plan. Whether you ar...


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Why you should have face-to-face meetings

In the modern world, there are many fabulous ways to contact people and touch base. While these methods certainly have advantages, having a face-to-face meeting can boost your productivity and improve...


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How to ensure your meeting makes an impact

A valuable meeting may be remembered for a long time, or it may be quickly forgotten yet be one that shapes future work in a company or professional group. The work done to prepare for a meeting can h...


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