Hen Party Ideas at Home that the Bride will Love

Someone’s gotten engaged, and they’ve chosen you to plan their hen party. Congratulations; it’s a big deal! And now you’ve got to host a hen party. Yikes!

Being part of “Team Bride” isn’t easy; maybe you’ve been planning the “Do of the Decade” for what feels like a lifetime, or ‘The Big Night Out” is brand new on the horizon. But let’s be honest; what’s better than a night out? A night in, of course!

By putting your feet up, you get to avoid ALL of the textbook hen party pitfalls. No waiting in line, no having to rush from A to B, and most importantly, making sure that everybody is safe and socially distanced. What’s not to love? Here are some of the most creative hen party ideas at home, perfect for any bride.

Advantages of home hen do ideas

You may be having trouble thinking of lockdown hen do ideas, and the current climate may have got you a bit down in the dumps. However, there are actually lots of advantages to having a lockdown hen party at home!

Save money

It can be awkward asking people to spend money on a hen do, a hen night, or even a hen weekend! Of course, everyone will want to participate but some can often afford more than others and it can be difficult to find a good medium. Luckily, if you’re thinking of hen party ideas at home, then you can keep the whole do to a tight budget and still have an absolutely amazing time.

It’s flexible

By hosting a home hen do, there is no need to plan months in advance! You can go with the flow and if someone drops out last minute, you’re not losing any money or won’t have to rearrange any travel plans. 

Less likely to be cancelled

Given the current climate, predicting the future can be uncertain. With guidelines changing all the time, planning a hen do abroad or even to a different city is not ideal. Going all out with some iconic hen party ideas at home means that it is much less likely the event will have to get cancelled. If not everyone can make it, you can also connect to them via video call (using a service like Zoom, or Skype) and host virtual hen parties left, right, and centre.

Still lacking ideas for a hen party at home? You can take a look at our hen party venue in Northampton to see if that tickles your fancy a bit more. 

Hen party ideas at home

Cocktail Party 

Do you like Pina Coladas, and/or getting caught in the rain? Well, let’s open the bar! Whether you carefully compile a list of the brides’ favourite tipples, or you grab a variety of bottles, a few fancy glasses, mix and hope for the best; a Cocktail Party will be a night to remember. Well, bits of a night to remember at least!

However, if DIY cocktails aren’t really your style, there are plenty of mobile professional bartenders who are providing fantastic masterclasses across the country. There are even a few companies offering virtual cocktail masterclass opportunities, such as Boozy Events. With a virtual party, you eliminate so many risks; what’s not to love?

Add a few sparkles, a 1920s theme perhaps, and you’ve got yourself a home hen do that Gatsby himself would be proud of!

However, if you’re aiming for a more cute and classy vibe, we suggest channelling your inner Mary Berry! A quaint afternoon tea, paired with a refreshing cocktail (or two!), and cake-filled party bags would be the perfect hen do activity!

Pamper Party

If party planning/ organising a hen party isn’t exactly your forte, this is the perfect option for you. Look, planning a home hen do in the middle of a global pandemic isn’t easy. And if you’re feeling stressed out and swept off of your feet? The bride is bound to be feeling a lot worse; she’s got a wedding to plan, after all!

So what could be better than a fluffy dressing gown, a refreshing face mask, and a couple of strategically-placed cucumber slices?

We’re talking manicures, pedicures, or any-other-cures you fancy! Having a hen do at home means you can wear your comfy pyjamas, your even comfier slippers, and not give the outside world a second thought. What’s better than party games, and playing them in the comfort of your own home? Bonus points will be awarded if you can get your hands on matching pyjamas for every ‘bride squad’ member, and for every single 90s romantic comedy you get through!

Treasure Hunt Party

Aye Aye, Cap’n! It’s time to set sail…all the way to your home! Who said all hen party themes need to be tacky? Your house is your oyster, so don’t be afraid to show off a little artistic flair.

Craft a good old-fashioned treasure map, indicating where clues, riddles, and (you guessed it!) treasure might be. Of course, tea-staining the map is mandatory.

Make these clues as personal, or as silly, as you like! This is a fantastic hen party game, and easy to plan a whole day of hen party activities around.

If you’re feeling competitive, split the home hen party into two teams. The losing team will have to walk the plank! But if a plank seems like too much of a stretch, there are plenty of other pirate-related forfeits to try: wearing an eye patch a for while, or even having to speak like a pirate on the phone! This is the perfect way to celebrate with a bride who’s a little on the sillier side, the ideal full-of-fun hen party!

Now, are you ready? Set?… AARGH!

 At Home Wine and Cheese Tasting Party

 Whether you know a thing or two about wine, or whether you just know you like drinking it: an at-home wine tasting session might just be the perfect home hen do idea for a sophisticated bride! Create ‘Wine Score Cards’ for each member of the party, where they can record and make comments on the appearance, aroma, and finish of each beverage, among many other categories. 

For example, you can visit Pinterest to get ideas for a fantastic example of a scorecard, which you could also simply print out and use yourself! Make sure to pair your wines with a sizable collection of cheeses, to really seal the deal!

Club Night at Home

Dancing until your feet hurt is an essential part of any hen party, so why should your home hen do be any different? Kick those heels off, don your fluffiest socks, and slide across that laminate flooring like there’s no tomorrow! Create the perfect night in with a playlist filled with dancefloor hits, disco lights, and glowsticks (as a party simply isn’t a party without glow sticks)!

As all of the clubs are closed, there’s no time like the present to boogie like there’s no one watching. So put on those 80s power ballads, grab a drink, and belt your heart out!

Hen party ideas at home conclusion 

Planning a hen party is a lot of work, and the prospect of organising one can be very daunting. But hopefully, with this list, life has been made just a little bit easier. So once again, here are our top five hen party ideas at home:

  1. Cocktail Party
  2. Pamper Party
  3. Treasure Hunt Party
  4. At Home Wine and Cheese Tasting Party
  5. Club Night at Home

If you’re planning a hen do in the future, and would like to book a party with us here at Sedgebrook Hall, we would be more than happy to help you celebrate! We can offer private dining experiences for you and your hens. Or you can chill out at our bar and watch our experienced bar staff make your favourite cocktail (did someone say Pornstar Martini?). 

Sedgebrook Hall is an event venue based in Northampton and we have hosted an array of hen parties in the past. From classy hen dos to traditional dress your heart out extravaganzas. We even have accommodation available so you can make a full weekend of it! Get in touch to speak to a member of our friendly team, or you can view our hen party venue below. 

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