5 Fun Company Team Building Activities

Hosting company team-building activities are the perfect chance to gather your workforce together to improve teamwork communication and collaboration skills, being the key to business success. Company team-building activities help workers to feel more connected with a better ability to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues, improving the overall working environment. 

So whether you just need to get your team together to have some fun or to spark new ideas for your business then you have come to the right place. Here we have summarised our top 5 fun company team building activities that your business can use onsite or offsite at a team building venue such as Sedgebrook Hall. 

Fun Team Building Activities

Company team building activities are designed to improve certain aspects of a workforce, whether it’s communication, collaboration, motivation or team values. Company team building activities offer a shared experience for employees to work together more effectively through various problem solving activities that encourage friendly competition, allowing teams to share goals as a group. 

Why should you do Team Building Activities for Work? 

Although company team building activities can be embarrassing for some coworkers, they do offer many fantastic benefits to help improve the working environment by encouraging, trust, team morale and communication within the workplace. 

One of the major benefits of introducing company team building activities is that they help to create a positive working environment which is key to business success. By gathering your team together and choosing the right team building activity you can encourage team members to trust and motivate one another.

5 Company Team Building Activities

Are you looking to reinforce the values within your workforce? Or noticing your team members becoming unmotivated? Our top 5 company team building activities offer the perfect chance to enhance team bonding, motivation and reduce stress levels for your team. 

  1. Host a Charity Event
  2. Corporate Summer Party 
  3. Sports Day
  4. Outdoor Yoga
  5. Team BBQ 

1.Host a Charity Event 

A fantastic company team building exercise that brings employees together is hosting a charity event. Charity events allow teams to reap the benefits of company team building activities whilst making a positive contribution to society. 

Whether you are looking to host a day event at a charity events venue such as Sedgebrook Hall, or as an ongoing project, charity events offer a rewarding experience that enforces great values and enhances collaboration skills.  

2. Board Game Tournament 

Hosting a board game tournament for your team is the perfect company team building activity to encourage a bit of friendly competition without needing to leave the office. Whether you are looking to play monopoly, Jenga or even playing cards, you can easily involve all of your team members whilst enhancing their collaboration and teamwork skills for small and large teams. 

To make your board game tournament extra fun, offer incentives and prizes to motivate all team members and to give them a goal to work towards.

3. Sports Day

What better way to encourage a bit of friendly competition for your team than to host a sports day for your upcoming company team building activitivty? This is the ideal corporate team building exercise that motivates teams to communicate with others to boost morale and enhance working relationships. There are many benefits to hosting a team sports day, from enjoying the fresh outdoors to highlighting team work and leadership skills as well as facing new challenges. 

Encouraging fitness in the office is beneficial for many reasons. Exercise has proven to be a form of stress relief, helps to improve sleeping patterns, increases brain power and ultimately motivates employees. If you find that your workspace can not facilitate a sports day, then Sedgebrook Hall, one of many outdoor venues offers an plenty of outdoor space with a capacity to comfortably accommodate small or large groups for your upcoming company team building activity.

4. Outdoor Yoga 

Outdoor yoga is a popular company team building activity to introduce to your workforce. Yoga not only provides many benefits that contribute to business success but is also beneficial to a person’s mental and physical well-being. This is a low-budget company team-building activity that can be carried out in a park, at home or even at the beach. 

All you need for this company team building activity is enough yoga mats for your group and the glorious outdoors and your team can soon reap the benefits. Employees can enjoy the fresh air whilst working with their colleagues as a collective to enhance their fitness skills alongside focusing on their health and wellbeing. 

5. Team BBQ

Find an outdoor space, gather together your employee’s favourite foods and allow your team to relax in an informal setting. Hosting a team BBQ is the perfect excuse for your team to escape the working environment and enjoy the glorious weather whilst getting to know each other better and celebrating hard work. 

To break the ice for your company team building activity and make your team BBQ extra fun why not introduce games such as giant Jenga a scavenger hunt or challenge workers to a barbecue cook-off?

Company Team Building Exercises, the Final Say

If you are looking to invest in your team, then now is the chance. Company team building games offer a shared experience for employees to enhance their verbal communication, planning, motivation and collaboration skills ready to use within the workplace. Our fun team building activities for work allow workers to see their colleagues in a different light helping them to connect with one another in a different setting. 

So before selecting your company’s next team-building activity, think about what you would like to achieve for your team and how it will be a fantastic contribution to your business’s success in the long run. 

Company Team Building Venue

At Sedgebrook Hall, we welcome you to host your upcoming company team-building activities. Our team building venue boasts 13 acres of outdoor grounds and various indoor meetings and event spaces suitable for all types of team-building events. 

As well as offering various flexible event spaces, we are also partnered with Off Limits who specialises in offering a range of company team-building activities delivering a fulfilling experience with a “can do” approach. 

To find out more about how we can accommodate your business for your upcoming team-building event, get in touch today. 

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