After Prom Ideas to Finish School in Style

Prom event season is a really great time. With the high school year ending and new beginnings on the horizon, it’s a chance for teens to celebrate the completion of exams and prepare for the next chapter in life. As many people go off to different colleges or start apprenticeship schemes, prom gets classmates together for a final send-off.

The prom itself is exciting and this is made even more so by the outfits. For many people, this will be the first chance to wear a ballgown or full suit and have hair and make-up done professionally. Whether you’ll be celebrating prom at school grounds or at a party venue, it is sure to be a night to remember.

Once the prom night has finished, it’s common for people to reconvene with their school friends for a prom after party. This can be a chance to socialise with your closest friends and really leave school in style. We’ve collated some of our favourite after prom ideas to complete your night.

After Prom Party Ideas

Chances are once prom has ended you will still be brimming with excitement. With so much to talk about from outfits to awards, hosting an after-prom party is a great way to bring all your friends together. If there is a particular group who you’ve always been close with during school, this is the perfect time to make a lasting memory before college. If you feel like going all out and have space a party at home can be the perfect way to dance and socialise after prom.

The majority of proms are held during summer months, so if weather permits, put up a marquee, grab a portable speaker, a photo booth or even have a night with movies and have everyone relax in the garden gathering around the fire pit. Where would garden party decorations be without fairy lights? String them everywhere to create a whimsical vibe which looks great in photos.

Prom After Party Themes 

Some guests may want to ensure their expensive outfit stays nice, so why not find a prom theme and costumes for the post-prom party?

For a garden party, everyone could embrace a Hawaiian theme with grass skirts, floral necklaces and juice drank from half coconuts. Go all out with inflatable palm trees and pineapple honeycomb decorations. If people want to relax, why not suggest everyone wears their funniest or most flamboyant set of pyjamas? Have fun with the theme and choose something easy which guests can throw on after the prom.

Depending on the size of your after-prom party, you can get everyone involved in a game, or create a dedicated room for those feeling competitive.

Choose a room with plenty of space, such as the living area, and push chairs and furniture to the side. If you have rugs and blankets, lay these down to allow people to sit on the floor for a games night. Grab old favourites from the cupboard like Jenga and Twister which are always a popular party starter, bonus points if you have a football table or darts! You can leave out board games to play or even make your own!

Great After Prom Game Ideas

  • The chocolate game. This is a fun after prom idea with teens with a sweet tooth! Split your group into two even teams. Prepare them with supplies of a hat, gloves and scarf, and a large bar of chocolate each. Choose a member of each team to play rock-paper-scissors to see who goes first. Whoever wins will then have to quickly put on their hat, gloves and scarf, grab a knife and fork and try to cut the chocolate up. You are only allowed to eat the chocolate one piece at a time, so each participant must try to cut the chocolate into squares before eating. Meanwhile, the other team will roll a dice until they get a 6, ending the other player’s turn. Each team member takes turns going forward and cutting up the chocolate until the other team rolls a 6. This must continue until one bar of chocolate is completely finished, and that team wins!
  • Wink murder. A popular party favourite! Gather the group into a circle and select a detective who leaves the room. Choose someone to be the murderer and invite the detective back in. The murderer must then wink at people behind the detectives back, whereby they must “die” in a dramatic style. The detective has 3 guesses to find the suspect and if they get it wrong the murderer wins!
  • Guess that song. This is perfect for smaller groups. Prepare a Spotify playlist with a mix of songs throughout the decades and ask your guests to “guess that song.” It can be anything from chart toppers to film and TV game show themes. Keep score and whoever has the most points, wins! If possible, ask guests to prepare their own playlist beforehand so everybody gets a chance to judge.

Post Prom Ideas

If you need after Prom Ideas but don’t fancy a party, there are loads of things you can get up to. Prom can be an intense evening, so why not invite your closest friends round for a film night? Ask everyone to bring supplies of comfy clothes and grab some junk food like popcorn and ice cream. This is the perfect chance to unwind and chat about the night. Grab a few board or video games to play in between films.

If you want to make a long night off it, why not go camping? You don’t have to go far. Pitch up tents in the garden, enjoy smores and ghost stories for a cheap but memorable experience. This is particularly good during summer where everyone can lay down and look at the stars.

Why not arrange an after-prom activity to enjoy with your friends? If you all love going to the cinema, head to the big screen for late-night viewing. Alternatively, why not get active and head to a skating rink? It’s the perfect place to have laughs and make memories. You cannot go wrong with a night with friends at the bowling alley. 

Whatever you get up to, make sure you take lots of pictures so you can remember the night forever!

After Prom Ideas to Finish School in Style Conclusion

So there you have it, some of our favourite after Prom Ideas so you can finish prom and your school year in style! There are so many great things you can do so tailor your night to your preference to make it a really special night. Sedgebrook Hall offers excellent venue space for proms in Northampton, dedicated to throwing incredible proms. 

You’ll feel like royalty upon arrival with 13 acres of stunning garden behind you. Enjoy a red carpet entrance before dancing the night away in one of our two event rooms. To ensure you get the most from your evening, we offer exclusive prom packages which include everything you need for a memorable night.

No one will go hungry at Sedgebrook Hall with a luxurious prom menu created by our passionate chefs.

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