8 Unique Birthday Party Themes For Adults - Instagrammable Party Ideas
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birthday party themes for adults

8 Unique Birthday Party Themes For Adults That Are Totally Instagrammable


What better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than with the ultimate party with your nearest and dearest? Themed parties are a great way to laugh and have fun but you’re going to want something totally unique if you want your guests to remember your event in the long run! Here we have put together our 8 birthday party themes for adults you’ve never heard of – guaranteed to be popular on social platforms such as Instagram!

Since Instagram’s launch in 2010, the platform has completely dominated the social media market. With over 1 billion users using the network each month and over 500,000 active influencers, it’s no wonder why people are forever searching for that completely Instagrammable post!

So let’s get down to business, here are our top birthday party themes for adults we’ve seen hosted at our party venue in Northampton.

1. Unique Birthday Party Theme for Adults – Casino Party Theme

What better way to celebrate being an adult than of course with your very own casino party. This birthday party theme is strictly for adults. Bring your friends together for a night of fun money, casino tables and risky bets! Casino tables are easy to hire so you’ll have no problem getting all your favourite games up and running such as poker, roulette and blackjack!

Casino Royale birthday themes for adults

If you really want to add a bit of dazzle to your casino party, then turn it into a Casino Royale themed party. Throwback to Ian Flemings very first Bond novel, dust off your tuxedos and cocktail dresses and prepare yourself for an unforgettable night of glamour and mystery. #casinoparty


Top tip: You can hire birthday party decorations for adults, including casino tables here.

2. Themed Party for Adults – F*30 Funeral Theme

Waving goodbye to the roaring ’20s can be a difficult milestone birthday. Why not have a proper send-off with one of our most unique birthday party themes for adults? The F*30 funeral theme. Black is the main colour palette but sprinkle with shades of rose gold and white to make it sparkle. Gather friends and family for the not so sombre event and celebrate in style with Champaign and cake – lots and lots of cake.

Funeral for my youth

If you need a bit of inspiration for this adult party theme, then Pinterest has some DYER ideas. Of course, a party like this deserves only the best Instagram shoot. Dress up in your black attire, get some giant 30 balloons and even some black confetti. Be sure to use #funeralformyyouth in your caption.


3. Unique Birthday Party Theme for Adults – Wine & Cheese Galore

What’s the most adulty thing you can do? Host a fantastic Cheese and Wine night of course! With a strictly no kids allowed policy, this event is only for the Mature. This is a totally unique birthday party theme for adults and is great if you are after a more civilised event.

Wine and Cheese party ideas

Now a wine and cheese night isn’t just about the wine and cheese! It is your birthday bash of course, so you’ll want to add some extra touches to ensure it is a special night. Custom wine glasses for your guests is a fantastic idea, gives them something to take home and is a fun DIY activity. For the centrepiece, then how about a cheese tower cake instead of a sweet birthday cake? Waitrose offers some fantastic cheese tower cakes at a reasonable price. My favourite top tip for wine and cheese nights? Frozen grapes! These are a perfect alternative to ice. #wineandcheese


4. Themed Party for Adults – Mexican Fiesta Party

Why is a Mexican Fiesta party a great birthday party theme for adults? TEQUILA. Get the limes and salt ready and prepare for a shot-tastic night. If shots aren’t your style then Margaritas are a tasty cocktail that takes the burn away. There are so many great Margarita recipes to try out from the traditional cocktail which is simple yet delicious to frozen strawberry margaritas for those with a sweet tooth!

Mexican themed party ideas

A Fiesta isn’t just about the alcohol. A Fiesta is colourful, bright and fun! Perfect for the summer weather where you can host outside. Invest in some sombreros, multicoloured banners and decorations and of course supply some Mexican food! Tacos are a great finger food which is delicious, whilst traditional nachos, guacamole and salsa are popular at any type of party. #mexicanfiesta


Shop for Mexican Fiesta party supplies here.

5. Unique Birthday Party Themes for Adults – Pirate Themed Party

Ahoy matey. No matter how old you are, kids and adults alike always love this birthday party theme, with special thanks to the phenomenon of Pirates of the Caribbean. Spirits are simple; rum, rum and more rum. Be sure to stock up on plenty as you don’t want your guests quoting Captain Jack Sparrow ‘why is the rum gone?’. Decorations can be kept simple with a black and white striped them, treasure maps for table mats, the Jolly Roger flags and the skull and cross-bone trademark. If you want to go above and beyond, you can turn a drinks chiller into a treasure chest!

Pirate Party Games

The best and most fun adult pirate party game? A DIY treasure hunt! And the prize? A bottle of rum. Scavenger hunts are also a great way to release the inner pirate in you. Give your guests a list of items they must find and let the games begin. If all else fails, you can stick to traditional drinking games and you’ll be walking the plank by the end of the night. #pirateparty


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6. Themed PArty for Adults – Unicorn Birthday Party Idea

Since 2018 the Unicorn trend has taken off. Everything we see in shops is now shades of pinks, blues and purples and pretty much defines fashion culture. All the biggest brands are jumping on to the trend with Primark selling unicorn-themed everything and who can forget when Starbucks introduced their super sweet looking Unicorn themed drink? Any worldwide trend that takes off like this is of course, extremely popular on social media! The hashtag #unicorn has over 13 million photos attached to it. Could the trend still be relevant in today’s day simply because the colour palette is so aesthetically pleasing for photos?

Unicorn Birthday Ideas

This birthday bash idea is a new trend but it’s easy to make your Instagram pop with a pleasing colour palette. Unicorn cakes and party favours are affordable and readily available, so you don’t have to home bake or make anything! A great idea is to get a rainbow balloon arch for your guests to walk through when they arrive and glitter is always a winner for this particular theme. Our Bronte Suite is perfect for a Unicorn themed party as it can easily be transformed into a magical banqueting room with beautiful table cloths, balloon arches and a buffet table with all your pastel-coloured treats and sweets! #unicornparty


Shop for unicorn party supplies here.

7. Unique Birthday Party Theme for Adults – Cocktail Master Classes

Introducing a girl’s night extravaganza! This is one of our very best birthday party themes for adults. Cocktail masterclasses are fun, interactive and let you try a range of new cocktails. Become the experts in cocktail making. This adult party theme is best for smaller groups of up to 10. A lot of restaurants offer cocktail masterclasses and will come with your very own dedicated bartender. So ladies, get your most dazzling outfit from the wardrobe and prepare for a night of fun, laughter and a lot of cocktail drinking.

What’s included in a cocktail master class

What’s included in cocktail masterclasses is of course different depending on the company you choose to use. But a standard cocktail master class will usually consist of a fun and interactive cocktail class where you get to choose up to 3 cocktails to make, a welcome drink, a dedicated bartender and shooters throughout the session! Depending on the package you choose, finger food can also be available. Cocktail making isn’t just for birthday bashes, this is also the perfect adult party theme for hen parties! #cocktailmasterclass


8. Themed Party for Adults – Carnival theme party

Last on our list, but certainly not least is our Carnival party theme! This party theme is great is you have a larger budget and want something spectacular to wow your guests. A Carnival themed party has to be set outside, which is why our venue is perfect! We have 11 acres of stunning countryside grounds to use as well as a beautiful Capulet garden which is perfect for your guests to relax and drink in the evening. Stick to traditional Carnival and Circus decorations such as red and white stripes, popcorn and cotton candy machines and lots and lots of sweet treats.

Carnival Entertainment

If you want your party to really make your Instagram go off with a bang then entertainment is a must! Hire out jugglers, clowns, acrobats and trapeze artists to really make this a show-stopping event. Your guests will be left impressed and will be talking about the event for years to come! #carnivalthemeparty


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So that’s it from us. You’ve now read about our top 8 birthday party themes for adults that are guaranteed to make your Instagram POP. It’s now time to start planning the birthday event of the year.

At Sedgebrook Hall, we have dedicated event coordinators that are experts in planning celebrations of all occasions! They will be with you from start to finish and will make sure you are as stress-free as possible throughout the party planning process.

If you’re interested in hosting your party at our wonderful manor house, then give our friendly team a call and we will be happy to discuss further.