COP27 and Sedgebrook Hall – Delivering for Planet and People

Delivering for Plant and People

In November, world leaders, scientists, climate experts, and other influential minds will be meeting for the COP27 conference to discuss the future of our planet and what measures must be taken to help protect it.

At Sedgebrook Hall, we know how important it is for us to do all we can for our wonderful planet. That is why our venue, and our sister venues, have made a number of pledges that align with the theme of COP27 2022: Delivering for Planet and People. 

In this article, we will explain what steps we are taking to improve sustainability in our small area of the industry and what positive impact they will have on the planet.

Food focus 

Food is an important part of what we do. Not only does it power our friendly and committed teams but it powers new exciting ideas happening in our meeting rooms

To help us to become more eco-friendly when it comes to the food we offer, we have created ‘Menus for Change’ which is a package to ensure our venues can create more eco-conscious food menus for our customers.   

Zero Waste – We have a ‘root to stem, nose to tail’ approach when it comes to food waste. By the end of 2022, all our venues will reduce their food waste by 5%. We also use recycled and reusable packaging whenever possible. 

Ethical sourcing – We are committed to ethically sourcing our ingredients where we can. We aim for:

  • 80% of our ingredients to be grown here in Britain
  • Our milk and chicken are Red Tractor assured
  • The chocolate we use is Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Our tea and coffee comes from responsible sources

Plant power – We offer plant-forward menus and fantastic, mouth-watering protein alternatives. 

Plus, we’re excited to stock our kitchens with Waste Knot. Waste Knot work closely with farmers and growers to supply surplus and misshapen vegetables, not only supporting our plant power focus but our zero waste initiatives.

Net zero – By making all these changes, we hope to reach our target of Net Zero by 2030.

Carbon Food Footprint Labelling

The food industry is a big contributor to global emissions, but thankfully, there are simple sustainability measures that the hospitality industry can take to help reduce its climate impact.  

We have teamed up with ‘Kilmato’ which uses certified climate data to display the carbon footprint of our dishes. This helps our chefs to create climate-friendly changes to our menus and helps empower our guests to make more informed food choices. Visit our Carbon labelling info for further information on the three levels that are used on our dishes. 

If you would like to learn more about this, please do get in touch and we would be happy to help.

Enriching environments

Creating sustainable and eco-friendly environments is not only an important step to help protect the future of our planet, but they also benefit everyone, from our fantastic employees to our wonderful guests. 

Electric Car Charging – To show our commitment to achieving Net Zero, by the end of 2022 each venue will have electric car charging points for our guests to use when on site.

Recycling – We aim to have a recycling policy at every venue to help guests recycle their conference and bedroom waste.

Local Support – Each venue is committed to support a local community initiative every year. 

Free coffee grounds – Waste coffee grinds can be used for soil and compost. We offer all our waste coffee to local allotments and growing projects. It’s simple acts like this that help make a difference and help us to support our goal of zero waste.

Our goals are designed to support the people that make our business so fantastic, as well as protect the planet.

Sustainable Business

Alongside our ‘Menus for Change’ initiative, we also have ‘Meetings for Change’ which allows us to support other businesses with their steps towards greener operations. We offer Meetings for Change day delegate and 24 hour delegate offers. Our ‘Meetings for Change’ initiative includes:

  • Refillable water in the meeting room, plus unlimited access to hydration stations around the venue and don’t worry you won’t find disposable crockery here. We also use fruit and veg peelings to flavour our water, so nothing goes to waste!
  • Our menus focus on seasonal British produce and are plant-forward to help reduce our climate impact.
  • We’re reducing waste by offering a stationery box in each meeting room. You’ll be able to find notepads, pens and other stationery in the box, please take what you need, but only what you’ll use.

Help make a difference 

We hope this shows how you can make small changes with your business to help protect the planet, whether that’s taking inspiration from some of our changes or as simple as booking our venue for your next event. By booking with Sedgebrook Hall or The Venues Collection, you have decided to make a stand for our planet. Together, we can help protect and preserve the planet for years to come. Start making sustainable choices with your business, get in touch today to book a Green Meeting and together we can make a difference.  

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