Dog Walks in Northampton | 14 of the Best Dog Walks in Northamptonshire

Dog walkers in Northampton are always looking for new and exciting routes to take! In this article, we will be discussing the 14 best dog walks in Northampton, so you can discover a new trail.

Dog walks in Northamptonshire can be a beautiful haven. The countryside offers many wonderful and scenic walks, trails and reservoirs. 

Luckily for you, Sedgebrook Hall is a dog friendly hotel set in the Northamptonshire countryside. We can provide you with a comfortable room that has easy access to outside areas. Perfect for your doggy walking adventures.

Dog walks in Northampton

We are sure that you would have heard of some of these dog walks in Northampton, but here is our list of the 14 best dog walks in Northamptonshire. 

1) Boddington Reservoir

Surrounded by an oasis of water, Boddington Reservoir is one of the best dog walks in Northampton. Perfect on a summer day, this scenic location is just a short drive from Sedgebrook Hall. 

You’ll be able to find a tonne of greenery and wildlife on your adventures, and with the AllTrails App, you won’t be stuck for different dog walking routes. 

Boddington Reservoir is based in Daventry and has over 65 acres of land to explore. 

Directions to Boddington Reservoir

2) Stanwick Lakes

An ideal family day out, Stanwick Lakes is a wonderful dog walk in Northamptonshire. With 750 amazing acres of land to explore, this is definitely one to bring a picnic on! Located in the heart of Northamptonshire’s Nene Valley, Stanwick Lakes is a nature reserve that is exploding with greenery and wildlife.

You’ll find a number of play areas, dog walking routes, a cafe and even a shop!

If you are going strictly to walk your waggy-tailed friend, then there are a number of awesome trails to explore. Stanwick Lakes has a network of over 7 miles of footpaths, with the longest of routes being a scenic walk to Thrapston.

The Wildlife and Heritage Trail incorporates an adventure crazy trail with quiz questions and activities en route so you can discover more about Stanwick Lakes as you walk.

You will however have to keep your dog on a lead, but they are allowed off the lead on the former railway line heading north of the main site, so they will still be able to get a good run around.

Directions to Stanwick Lakes

3) Castle Ashby Gardens

The home of the 7th Marquess of Northampton, Castle Ashby Gardens is a stunning dog walk in Northampton. Take in the beautiful gardens whilst you stroll around the castle.

The Italian gardens are a sight worth seeing and the castle is a great piece of history to learn about on your adventures.

The gardens are open year-round and encompass 35 acres of the 10,000-acre estate. You’ll also find an Arboretum, Orangery, a children’s play area, plant centre, tea room, gift shop and menagerie with marmosets and meerkats!

Dogs should be kept on a lead and are only permitted in the gardens. This dog walk in Northamptonshire is one for those who enjoy a nice stroll over an energetic trail.

Directions to Castle Ashby Gardens

4) Delapre Park

A hidden gem and only a stone’s throw from Northampton city centre, Delapre Gardens is a fantastic place to walk your four-legged friend.

The park is situated beyond the Elizabethan walled Delepre Gardens and you’ll find 500 acres of parkland and woodland where your dog can run wild!

Once you have adventured through the woodlands, you can relax and enjoy tea and scones in the Cafe.

Delapre Park is only 6 miles from Sedgebrook Hall, so you’ll easily be able to travel to and from the park.

Directions to Delapre Park

5) Brixworth Country Park

This is without a doubt one of the best dog walks in Northamptonshire. With a 7 mile circular walk around the reservoir, you’ll be guaranteed to see lots of birds and wildlife!

Brixworth Country Park lies next to Pitsford Water and opened in 1997. As mentioned above, the main trail is 7 miles long but there are plenty of shorter routes to take.

You will also find a children’s play area, cycle hire and a cafe.

The country park is open year-round, all day every day and is free to wander, however, cafes and toilets will have separate opening times.

This is a wonderful Northampton dog walk, where your pooch is allowed off their lead to explore the area. Dogs are not permitted in the play area.

What’s more, is that Brixworth Country Park is on the doorstep to Sedgebrook Hall, so we are the perfect place to stay whilst visiting this attraction.

Directions to Brixworth Country Park

6) Salcey Forest

Salcey Forest is one for explorers, nature lovers and adventurers!

The woods have some oaks that are over 600 years old and the forests and home to some rare and amazing wildlife habitats.

You’ll be spoilt for choice whilst walking your waggy-tailed friend; with 3 awesome walking trails, a cycling trail, a horse riding trail and more. For the ultimate sightseeing adventure, you can even adventure along the Tree Top Walkway, where you can challenge your instincts and take in some breathtaking views.

If you’re looking for dog walks in Northampton, then Salcey Forest is the ideal place. As mentioned above, there are 3 great trails to choose from ranging from easy to difficult.

The Elephant Walk is the shortest of the 3 trails, being only 0.75 miles and is a level, surfaced ground. The route is named after the Elephant pond, where during the second world war stranded circus elephants would use the pond to cool off.

Church Walk Path is a circular route that is 1.5 miles long. This route will lead you toward the CHurch Path Oak, one of Salcey’s famous ‘druid oaks’ which is around 400 years old.

Finally, the Woodpecker Trail is the route for hikers and long-distance walkers, with the trail being 6 miles long. This route circles the whole forest and you might be able to see all 3 species of woodpecker on our journey. This has some unsurfaced routes so walking boots are recommended.

You can download the walking trails map here.

Directions to Salcey Forest

7) Brampton Valley Way

​The Brampton Valley Way is a 14-mile rail-trail built on the way of the former Northampton to Market Harborough Railway in Northamptonshire.

If you’re after a long dog walks in Northamptonshire, then this is definitely the one for you. Adventure down 14 miles of rail trail and take in some beautiful scenery along the way.

Brampton Valley Way is only a short distance from Sedgebrook Hall. You and your four-legged pooch can definitely make a day of it with this adventure trail.

Directions to Brampton Valley Way

8) Irchester Country Park

Near to Wellingborough, Irchester Country Park is a former ironstone quarry. There is also a 200 acre area of woodland, where your dog and roam freely.

There are 3 trails you can opt for; The Woodpecker Trail, Woodland Trail or Ironstone Trail. You’ll also find the Jungle Parc high ropes, where you can glide through the trees on rope bridges, zip lines and cargo nets as well as the Railway Museum and a cafe.

The Woodland Trail is just over 1 mile and is mostly surfaced with a short section across a mown grass meadow. This should take around 45 minutes and is an easy route to walk your dog.

The Ironstone Trail is 2.5 miles and goes across a long meadow to the railway museum. This should take roughly 1 and a half hours to walk your dog.

Directions to Irchester Country Park

9) Harlestone Firs Forest Walk

The Harlestone firs is a short distance from Northampton and is a wonderful place to take your waggy-tailed friends! You can do this trail in 30 minutes, however, with lots of different paths and turns, you can really make a day of it!

This 2-mile circular trail is one of the best dog walks in Northampton, it’s close to the city, yet is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle. Tucked away in Great Doddington, Harelstone Firs Walks is popular with dog walkers, runners and cyclists.

There are over 300 acres of forest to explore and boasts a variety of woods and open fields, so there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.

Once your dog is exercised and happy, you can head to the Harlestone Firs garden centre for some refreshments.

Harleston Firs is a stone’s throw away from Sedgebrook Hall, being only 8 minutes in the car.

Directions to Harlestone Firs

10) Sywell Country Park

Situated near the village of Sywell, Sywell Country Park has a beautiful 2.5-mile walk around its reservoir, making it one of the best dog walks in Northampton to visit.

Children can play in the play area whilst dog walkers can enjoy the reservoir and visit the easy access bird hides.

There are a number of walks to explore, including the Waterworks Heritage Trail, where you’ll be able to learn the history of Sywell Country Park.

Directions to Sywell Country Park

11) Daventry Country Park

One of our favourite dog walks in Northampton, Daventry Country Park provides 3 different trails you can adventure on.

Dogs are welcomed to run freely, but if they are likely to chase sheep, then you’d be better off keeping them on a lead.

There is a large reservoir, a cafe, playground, outdoor gym equipment, nature trails, bird hides and an abundance of wildlife – plenty to explore.

The 3 circular trails to discover means there is a walk for all abilities. The Reservoir Walk is 2.5 miles, the Meadow Walk is 1.5 miles and then there is a simple 1 mile stroll you can enjoy.

All routes are properly marked around the park and on the information maps available at the park entrance.

Directions to Daventry Country Park

12) Hazelborough Wood

On the outskirts of Silverstone village, Hazelborough Wood provides an abundance of great trails to explore.

In the spring, you will find a sea of bluebells amongst the trees that are simply breathtaking. Wildlife can be spotted all year round and the ancient oak trees are a sight worth seeing.

The fact that you can visit Hazelborough Woods all year round and not walk the same trail twice makes this one of the ultimate dog walks in Northampton! You can find a range of paths that run through the woodland and your waggy-tailed friends are allowed to roam freely.

If you favour woodland walks over reservoirs and lakes, then we definitely recommend this as a must walk Northamptonshire dog walking route.

Directions to Hazelborough Woods

13) Twywell Hills and Dales

A much-loved nature reserve in Kettering. Twywell Hills and Dales open fields and hilly landscape make this picturesque site popular among tourists, dog walkers and the local residents.

Dogs are welcome to run freely within the Dales, however, the site will be grazed at certain times of the year so there will be periods where they will need to be kept on a lead in particular areas.

There are a variety of walking routes available which vary in difficulty, but all provide stunning views.

You can expect to see wildlife species such as DIngy Skipper, Green Hairstreak and Common Blue.

Amongst Twywell Hills and Dales are a number of different pubs, where you can relax outside and enjoy some classic pub grub!

Directions to Twywell Hills and Dales

14) Upton Country Park 

Last but not least on our list of dog walks in Northampton is Upton Country Park.

A popular dog walking location with free parking, a mini-market and a playing field. This is a great place to go with your dogs for an afternoon or picnic.

If walking trails and hills aren’t your things, and you are simply looking for a place where you can relax and let your dog off the lead for a run around then this is perfect.

Directions to Upton Country Park

Dog walks in Northamptonshire Concluded

We hope you have enjoyed this article on the best dog walks in Northampton. If you’re looking to staycation somewhere in the Northamptonshire area, then Sedgebrook Hall is a dog friendly hotel situated in the stunning countryside.

There are plenty of dog walks in Northamptonshire but our top 14 are:

  1. Boddington Reservoir
  2. Stanwick Lakes
  3. Castle Ashby Gardens
  4. Delapre Park
  5. Brixworth Country Park
  6. Salcey Forest
  7. Brampton Valley Way
  8. Irchester Country Park
  9. Harlestone Firs
  10. Sywell Country Park
  11. Daventry Country Park
  12. Hazelborough Wood
  13. Twywell Hills and Dales
  14. Upton Country Park

If you’d like any more information on our hotel in Northampton, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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