Environmentally friendly Christmas crackers

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start focusing on festivities. With the ever-growing problem of single-use plastic, especially around this season, it’s vital that we all make some little changes into our lives to reduce our plastic use. One simple way to do this is to change the way we use Christmas Crackers. These are offending items in the war against plastic as the box and wrapping is thrown away, whilst the gift inside gets thrown or discarded in a drawer. We’ve found some environmentally friendly Christmas cracker ideas which are a far greener alternatives to the traditional.

DIY crackers

It’s so easy to make your own eco-friendly Christmas crackers with things lying around at home. If you have a scrap material or craft box, have a look through to see what you can utilise as a cracker. Browse the internet for inspiration and get creative. Christmas is a time for coming together so make it a group activity and see who can come up with the best idea. 

Toilet roll method

We love this method from Thoroughly Modern Grandma, which utilises toilet roll tubes and cardboard for a modern twist on the classic cracker.

Go Green

The great thing about eco-friendly Christmas crackers is that you can decorate them however you like. If you have little ones, this is a great Christmas activity which encourages them to get creative. Use paint glitter, bows and anything else you have lying around to make your crackers look great. This also gives them a fantastic personal touch which makes them great to crack at a family dinner. This is ideal for a morning activity with plenty of time for them to dry before everyone sits down to dinner.

Online Kits

If you don’t have a creative streak, you can still join in with the festivities with cracker kits. There are so many kits online which make creation super easy and you have a guide to follow. These kits along with other methods can help ensure you and your family are aiming for a greener Christmas.

Edible Xmas Crackers

Christmas is about loved ones but you cannot forget about the food. Making edible decorations for the tree is very popular but you don’t have to stop there. Combining homemade crackers with delicious treats is a sure way to be popular around the dinner table. If you use something that lasts, you can make these crackers ahead of time to save stress towards the big day.

Gingerbread crackers

Gingerbread biscuits are a favourite and can be attached to a string and used as tree decorations. The same goes for any sort of biscuit, but that extra bit of festive spice makes them really Christmassy. For those with a sweet tooth, make some truffles or toffee and wrap in Christmas tissue paper for your crackers.

Eco-friendly Christmas crackers

If you want to buy Christmas crackers, look for ones without plastic toys and gifts inside. Many brands, such as Waitrose and Partners,  have ditched the plastic and gone with metal or paper alternatives. Their customers base were after a more responsible cracker. If you’re concerned about the contents of the cracker not being used, many brands do their own crackers containing gifts like gin, chocolates and chutneys which are sure to be used. A lot of people are now opting out of crackers altogether for the ultimate crackdown on plastic.

Christmas Party

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