20 Fundraising Ideas to Help Raise Money for Your Charity Event

Fundraising can be a creative and engaging way to raise money for various causes, organisations, or projects. If you’re in need of inspiration to generate funds for your cause, we’ve compiled a selection of some of our favourite fundraising ideas for you to consider when organising your charity event:

1. Crowdfunding Campaign

It’s becoming more and more manageable to set up charity events and raise money for your cause. Platforms like IndigogoJustGiving, or GoFundMe allow you to create a campaign to raise funds for a specific project, product, or cause.

2. Charity Auction 

Host an auction event where people bid on donated items, services, or experiences. You could do this in person or online.

3. Themed Events 

Organise themed events like costume parties, game nights, or movie screenings. Charge an entry fee and include activities that match the theme.

4. Bake Sale 

Bake and sell delicious treats at a local market, school, or community event.

5. Car Wash 

Host a car wash event where volunteers clean cars for donations.

6. Sports Tournament 

Organise a sports tournament (football, tennis, rounders, etc.) and charge entry fees for teams to participate. If you are doing this as a corporate event consider a venue with outdoor space to host your outdoor sports tournament.

7. Walkathon or Fun Run 

Participants can gather pledges or pay an entry fee to participate in a walk or run.

8. Dinner Party or Potluck 

Host a dinner party or potluck and ask attendees for a donation to cover the cost or contribute to the cause.

9. Art Show or Craft Fair 

Showcase local artists’ work or handmade crafts, and sell the items to raise funds.

10. Trivia Night 

Organise a trivia competition at a local venue and charge teams an entry fee to participate.

11. Dance-a-Thon 

Host a dance event with live music or a DJ, and participants can seek pledges or pay an entry fee.

12. Fundraising Charity Raffle 

Sell raffle tickets for a chance to win a desirable prize, donated by a local business or supporter.

13. Community Garage Sale 

Organise a community-wide garage sale and charge participants a fee to set up their stalls.

14. Cooking or DIY Workshops 

Host workshops where participants can learn cooking, crafting, or DIY skills for a fee.

15. Plant Sale Charity Event

Sell potted plants, flowers, or even seeds in a plant sale event.

16. Charity Concert 

Organise a music or performing arts show and sell tickets to attendees.

17. Fitness Challenge 

Host a fitness challenge (like a push-up challenge or a yoga session) and encourage participants to gather sponsorships.

18. Talent Show Charity Event

Organise a talent show featuring local performers and charge an entry fee for participants and attendees.

19. Pet Wash 

Offer to wash pets for donations in a local park or pet-friendly area. This is a great activity for families and a fun way to raise money for charity.

20. Christmas Present Wrapping 

Set up a gift-wrapping station at a shopping centre during Christmas holidays and accept donations for wrapping services.

Remember to promote your fundraising event through social media, local newspapers, flyers, and community bulletin boards to maximise participation and donations. Tailor the idea to your cause and audience for the best results!

Individual Fundraising Challenges for Charity

Individual fundraising challenges for charity can be a fun and engaging way to raise money for a cause while pushing yourself to achieve personal goals. Here are some creative and unique fundraising challenges you could consider:

  • Virtual Marathon – Commit to running, walking, or cycling a specific distance (e.g., a marathon) over a set period, tracking your progress online and seeking donations for each mile or kilometre completed.
  • 24-Hour Gaming Marathon – Stream yourself playing video games for an entire day, encouraging viewers to donate to your chosen charity during the event.
  • Silent Auction Challenge – Gather items donated by friends, family, or local businesses and run an online silent auction where people bid to win the items.
  • Digital Detox – Pledge to stay offline (no social media, emails, etc.) for a certain period and ask friends and family to sponsor your “digital detox.”
  • Read-a-Thon – Set a goal to read a certain number of books within a specific time frame and ask for donations based on the number of books completed.
  • Home Workout Challenge – Commit to completing a certain number of home workouts, yoga sessions, or other fitness routines, and ask for donations for each session.
  • Cooking or Baking Challenge – Choose a specific type of dish or baked goods to master and document your culinary journey online, encouraging donations from supporters.
  • No-Spend Challenge – Challenge yourself to avoid spending money on non-essential items for a month, and ask friends and family to donate the money you save.
  • Art Marathon – Create a series of artworks within a set period and auction them off to the highest bidders, with proceeds going to your chosen charity.
  • Photography Challenge – Capture and share a photo every day for a month, telling a story or theme, and ask for donations based on the number of days completed.
  • Declutter Challenge – Commit to decluttering a specific area of your home and sell items online, donating the proceeds.
  • Random Acts of Kindness Challenge – Perform a certain number of kind acts (e.g., paying for someone’s coffee, leaving positive notes) and ask for donations to support your efforts.
  • Language Learning Challenge – Learn a new language or improve your skills within a specific time frame, sharing your progress and asking for donations.
  • Music Challenge – Learn to play a new instrument or master a certain number of songs on an instrument you already play, sharing your progress online.
  • Comedy Challenge – Create and share a series of funny videos, jokes, or sketches, encouraging supporters to donate for a good laugh.
  • Nature Challenge – Commit to spending a certain amount of time outdoors (e.g., hiking, camping) and ask for donations for every hour spent.
  • Hair Growth Challenge – Grow out your hair, beard, or moustache for a specific period and ask for donations to see if you can meet a fundraising goal.
  • Juggling Challenge – Learn to juggle and document your progress, asking for donations as you improve.
  • Travel Challenge – Plan a virtual travel journey, “visiting” different countries or landmarks through research and activities, and ask for donations along the way.
  • Art or Craft Challenge – Create a series of artworks or crafts following a theme, technique, or material, and auction or sell them to raise funds.

When planning an individual fundraising challenge, be sure to promote it through social media, online platforms, and your personal network to maximise donations and engagement. Clearly explain the challenge, the cause you support, and how people can contribute.

How Can You Encourage People to Donate to Your Charity?

Encouraging people to donate to a charity involves a combination of effective communication, emotional connection, and building trust. Here are some strategies to consider on how to raise money for charity:

  • Compelling Storytelling – Share impactful stories about the individuals or communities that the charity serves. Use real-life examples to illustrate how donations make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Clear Mission and Goals – Clearly communicate the charity’s mission, goals, and how donations will be used. People are more likely to donate when they understand where their money is going.
  • Transparency – Provide transparency in how funds are managed and used. Share financial reports, project updates, and success stories to show the impact of donations.
  • Personalisation –  Make donors feel valued by personalising communication. Use their names in emails, acknowledge their contributions, and send thank-you notes.
  • Use of Visuals – Use photos, videos, and infographics to convey the charity’s work and impact visually. Visual content can evoke emotions and help donors connect on a deeper level.
  • Social Proof – Share testimonials, endorsements, and success stories from previous donors, volunteers, or beneficiaries. Positive feedback can build trust and credibility.
  • Create a Sense of Urgency – Use time-limited campaigns or specific goals to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action.
  • Offer Various Donation Levels – Provide options for different donation amounts to accommodate donors with varying financial capacities.
  • Recurring Donations – Encourage donors to set up recurring donations, which provide a steady and predictable source of funding for the charity.
  • Partnerships and Matching Gifts – Partner with businesses or individuals willing to match donations, effectively doubling the impact of contributions.
  • Engagement and Participation – Involve donors in the charity’s activities. Invite them to events, and volunteer opportunities, or provide input on projects.
  • Social Media and Online Presence – Utilise social media platforms and the charity’s website to share updates, stories, and donation appeals. Engage with followers and respond to comments.
  • Gratitude and Recognition – Express sincere gratitude to donors through thank-you messages, personalised notes, or public recognition on social media or newsletters.
  • Provide Donation Incentives – Offer small incentives such as exclusive content, merchandise, or access to events for donors who contribute above a certain level.
  • Education and Awareness – Raise awareness about the issues the charity addresses. When people understand the problem, they are more likely to support efforts to solve it.

Remember that building a long-term relationship with donors is key. Keep them informed about the charity’s progress and impact even after they’ve made a donation. Building trust and showing the tangible impact of their contributions can lead to continued support.

Fundraising Ideas to Help Raise Money for Your Charity Event – Final Thoughts 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide on fundraising ideas to help raise money for your charity event. When it comes to raising money for a charity event, creativity, determination, and community engagement are your most valuable assets. The ideas for fundraising discussed in this blog offer a diverse range of approaches that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s mission and target audience. From leveraging social media to hosting engaging virtual events, and from collaborating with local businesses to tapping into the power of peer-to-peer fundraising, the possibilities are endless.

Remember, the success of your charity event hinges on effective planning and execution. By combining multiple strategies, appealing to people’s emotions, and clearly communicating the impact of their contributions, you can inspire a sense of purpose and drive donations. Whether it’s a marathon fundraiser, an online auction, or a simple donation drive, each effort contributes to the greater goal of making a positive change in the world.

As you embark on your journey to raise funds for your chosen cause, keep in mind that building relationships and fostering a sense of community are key. People are more likely to contribute when they feel connected to your cause and understand how their support makes a difference. By implementing a thoughtful combination of the ideas shared here, and by infusing your event with passion and authenticity, you’re not just raising funds, but also raising awareness and building a network of individuals who are dedicated to making a meaningful impact. So, roll up your sleeves, get creative, and let your commitment to change drive your charity event’s success.

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