Funny Secret Santa Gifts and Ideas for Work

It’s that time of year again. There’s frost on the grass and excitement in the air as the lead-up to Christmas begins. There are so many festive traditions during the latter part of the year, one of them being Secret Santa. Ideal for a workplace, large family or friend group who want to buy and exchange gifts without breaking the bank. If you want to put a smile on your colleague’s face this year, we’ve put together the ultimate guide on where to purchase useful but funny Secret Santa gifts for your work Christmas party.

Strange Food Gift Ideas for Secret Santa

Chocolate sprouts

Starting off strong with a present for the chocolate lover in the office. These chocolate “sprouts” are the perfect seasonal gift and are lovingly handmade in the UK. Constructed from white chocolate and looking remarkably like the real thing, these little green chocs can be found at

Beans for Potter fans

A must for any Harry Potter fans, this is a game which can be played during a quiet lunchtime or at the end of the Christmas meal. These beans, sometimes sweet and sometimes disgusting, can provide a laugh and a challenge. Will you get rotten egg or marshmallow? There’s only one way to find out! If your coworkers aren’t fans of the series, keep reading, we’ve got lots more silly secret Santa ideas below!

Love it or hate it, Marmite makes a good Christmas present

Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. If there’s someone in your office who loves Marmite on toast in the morning, treat them to their own personalised jar with their name on it. This is a great secret Santa gift for work colleagues that love Marmite!

For the employee who enjoys a tipple

One for the whisky lover in the office, this personalised tumbler will be sure to get your candidate merry during the festive season. Get yours from Menkind today This is a lovely personalised secret Santa gift that shows you notice your colleague’s interests or hobbies.

Games are Perfect Funny Secret Santa Gifts

If your budget is a little bigger, this is the perfect gift for anyone who likes board games and wants a laugh. This game can be used by anywhere from 3 to 20 players so if they have a big family, this is one they can all enjoy on the big day. This game entails guessing some of the weirdest things people have searched over the years. Great fun and something your colleague can enjoy over again. Get yours at .

Useful Secret Santa Gifts

Gifts for messy colleagues

Another funny secret Santa gift for work colleagues from Find Me a Gift, this handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect for the colleague forever eating biscuits at their desk and then complaining about the crumbs. Small enough to be tucked away in the drawer and powered by a USB cable, this tiny vacuum cleaner will ensure the office is kept clean ready for a day of hard work. Purchase yours here This is a fantastic choice and that’s why it made it onto our list of funny Christmas secret Santa gifts.

Baking present ideas

Perfect for office secret Santa, if your recipient is a lover of baking, or simply loves to sit down in front of the Great British Bakeoff, this apron is perfect for them. Featuring the words “Mary B has nothing on me” this is a great addition to any kitchen and helps keep clothes free of flour. The giving of this gift could even encourage the recipient to bake something for the office, a win-win! Pick yours up here

The pillow for film, audiobook and music lovers

If your Secret Santa loves to fall asleep to films, audiobooks or music or has a partner who can’t stop snoring, this is the perfect present for them. This pillow can project sound so you can enjoy your tunes whilst falling asleep, on flights and long car journeys. With a simple design and many uses, this speaker pillow is a gift which is sure to be appreciated. Pick yours up here

Now that you’ve seen some of our top picks for funny secret Santa gifts, we wish you luck in finding ones for the employees in your team. If you’re looking for a Christmas party venue in Northampton, look no further! Get in touch today to book your event.

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