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How to be the best conference guest

How to be the best conference guest


Attending a meeting or conference is very common in the business world. But there’s a difference between attending a conference and really engaging with the material. So much more can be gained from a conference by using the right techniques, instead of just sitting and listening. The speaker will really appreciate you being involved rather than simply attending.


It goes without saying, but always be on time for your meetings. Walking in halfway through can send off the wrong message and distract both speaker and delegates. Always arrive early so you have time to get a coffee, sit down and prepare for the talk.

Listen and Engage

Don’t just attend to say you’ve been, really listen to what the speaker is saying. Turn off your phone, remove distractions and put all your focus into what’s happening. Writing notes is a good way to stay alert and ensure you remember all the points made. A good technique is to note down the points and then expand on them when you write it up. It gives you a chance to revise what you learned.


There’s nothing worse than when a speaker addresses the audience and gets no response. It’s awkward for both speaker and delegates. Stay engaged and be prepared to speak about your opinion. If you have a question, note it down so you don’t forget. There’s often a time for these to be answered at the end. It’s a great feeling for a speaker to be asked lots of questions on their topic, as it shows the engagement of their audience.

Body Language

Your body language reflects a lot about how you’re feeling, as well as influences your mood. Sitting slumped with your head down gives the impression you aren’t interested and makes you feel shy and unmotivated to talk. Sitting up straight with shoulders back and head up will fill you with confidence so you can fully engage. Think about the place you choose to sit so you can utilise your body language.


Feedback shows that you were involved in the conference and want to help it improve. Even if you have no faults. letting the speaker know how successful they are is a great confidence boost. If you do have any improvements, put them across in a constructive way and you can make a difference in improving the next conference.

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