How to decorate your event space on a budget

The venue of an event is always a big decision. It needs to be big enough, in a good area and have the right aesthetic. But once you’ve picked the venue, the next stage is decorating it. Having great décor for an event sets it up and provides the right atmosphere. It gets your delegates in the mood for a good time. However, if you’ve already spent a lot of the budget on the venue, food and entertainment, you might not have a lot left for decorating. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your space looking great. If our hall hire in Northampton is something of interest, check out our page today. Moving on, here are some tips on creating great décor without breaking the bank.

Call in favours

They say it’s about who you know, and with decorating this can be true. Utilise talented friends and family members to help. If a friend enjoys flower arranging, ask them to create some for your event. Think about any services you could provide in return. This way, everyone gets something they want. Even if friends aren’t particularly artistic, you could recruit them to help make simple decorations. Little things can make a big difference.

Fabric and fairy lights

You can’t go wrong with something so simple yet so effective. Find a fabric that you like. It could be a statement colour, silky or plain, and drape it all around. Then add fairy lights. This effect can literally transform a room. This trick can be used a number of ways and you can mix up the styles and colours to make the perfect aesthetic.


A great idea for a wedding or engagement celebration is to put up photos around the room. They could be off the engagement or simply happy memories shared by the couple. This can also be utilised for birthdays and anniversary parties. Photos are a great decoration and also gives guests something to look at. Get creative with how you hang them up. You could use strings, attach them to fairy lights or cork boards.

Use food

Creating food displays is a fun way of combining the two elements. Use bright fruit to bring colour to your venue. Get creative with how things are laid out to add to the aesthetic. Creating tiers of food or circles is another simple way to add spark to your venue.


Chalkboards can be utilised in a number of ways. Grab some from online and hang them around the venue. Write up the menu for the evening, an itinerary, quotes or whatever else would suit the theme. You could also leave one blank to act as a guest book. This way, guests’ comments can become part of the décor.


Balloons might seem like an obvious choice but used in the right way, they can really add to space. Choose the right colour based on the theme and gather bunches of them together. You could tie fair lights to the strings for an extra pop of magic.

Paper lanterns

Another inexpensive yet effective tool is paper lanterns. Like balloons, they fill space and look great without breaking the bank. By coordinating the colours it can be another great way to improve the rooms aesthetic.

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