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How to plan a stress-free wedding

Even an intimate wedding is a significant event with guests (who may or may not get on), travel arrangements, meals, special clothes, and other moving parts that can easily make the planning and the day itself stressful. While it’s normal to be a bit stressed while planning what’s often billed as ‘the happiest day of your life!’, we think it’s important to keep the day itself as relaxing as possible. At Sedgebrook Hall, our dedicated wedding team are on hand to help at every wedding and below you’ll find a few of our top tips for how to make the day itself as relaxing and calm so you truly can have the happiest day of your life.


Keep your list of absolute must-haves short

You’ll have to make decisions about so many things, from the font on the invitation to the colour of the tablecloths, so it can start to seem like all these things are equally important but they aren’t. If you can list two or three absolute essentials (perhaps: I’m dressed and feeling fabulous; my favourite people are here; we’re getting MARRIED!) then it may help you remember that the details aren’t really as important as they seem.


Recruit reliable deputies

Don’t be embarrassed about roping your friends and family in to do jobs that play to their strengths. If your mum is obsessed by the table layouts and seating charts, give her the job of getting people settled. If your best mate is flaky but great at an up-do, don’t ask her to plan anything but do get her to help you get ready. If you can find someone reliable to be your second-in-command on the day and deal with all the minor questions like ‘where do we park?’ and ‘can I get a cup of tea?’ it’ll make your day much less stressful. At Sedgebrook Hall our staff are on hand to deal with all the practical questions, so tell your guests to ask us first!


Hide if you have to

This might sound ridiculous, but many brides and grooms report being nervous before their wedding and having to greet everyone you’ve ever met can be overwhelming. If your stomach is turning over at the thought of being the centre of attention, plan a relaxing morning with just a few closest friends – or your partner – and make a grand entrance at the right moment. You’ll have time to mingle after the ceremony.


Be over-prepared

Professional event planners know not to sweat the small stuff – but they also know that being prepared makes that a lot easier. As an example, it’s a good idea to write a schedule so you know how long you’ve got for each step and discuss it with your team so that you’re not surprised by how long it takes to change a room from dinner to dancing or how long your photos take. At Sedgebrook Hall our dedicated wedding team are happy to answer questions from brides and grooms about all aspects of the day so we can help you plan and have the happiest day of your life. Whether you’re after wedding accommodation, traditional wedding venues in Northamptonshire or Asian wedding venues in East Midlands, we are here to help!

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