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Where to start planning your outdoor wedding

Where to start planning your outdoor wedding


Your Wedding Day will be one of the most special days of your life, and having it in nature is unparalleled. Wide-open fields, stunning views, plants and greenery are the perfect catalysts for romance. Having an outdoor wedding will make your big day even more memorable and has plenty of photo opportunities. However, some people may find hosting their wedding outdoors daunting. With so much to think about already, adding the risk of the elements may seem like a bad idea. But the truth is when well thought out, tying the knot outside is a fantastic experience that neither you nor your guests will ever forget.

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At Sedgebrook Hall, we have hosted many special days and know how to set them off without a hitch. Our team have worked on many different styles from rustic outdoor weddings to modern celebrations. You can truly tailor it to reflect the love you share with your partner.¬†We’ve created a comprehensive guide on where to start planning.

Utilise nature in your outdoor ceremony

If you have lived in the UK for longer than 5 minutes, you’ll know that the weather here can be very temperamental. One minute the suns shining and the next the heavens may open. Most couples who plan outdoor weddings set them in the spring or summer time so good weather will be far more likely. However, even if your wedding is in the middle of August, you should have some backup options just in case. A simple marque provides shelter from the elements and is a good spot to set up chairs and tables if you plan to dine outside. Simply adorn it with fairy lights and flower reefs for simple yet effective decor. Get creative with the lighting for the reception by using candles or lanterns. Remember if you have a larger guest list, those at the back may struggle to hear. Consider setting up a speaker system so everyone will be able to hear the touching words.

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You’re surrounded by nature so ensure you make the most of it with rustic decor. Get fairy lights and string them around the trees and shrubbery to make a beautiful sea of stars. If there is a garden archway, utilise it and have your first kiss and photos underneath. Sprinkle flower petals on the ground and experiment with coloured sheets. Click here to explore some stunning decorations that you can make for your outdoor wedding.


Planning an outdoor wedding is slightly more complicated than an indoor one, so ensure you have the time to facilitate. If your wedding is coming up and you have your heart set on tying the knot outdoors, just prepare yourself for a bit more prep. Once you’ve got the ball rolling, delegate tasks to willing friends and family members so it doesn’t seem so daunting. A wedding coordinator can give invaluable help and advice which may keep everything on track. They can help with the budget, vendors, guest list and anything else that you have in mind. Obviously remember that a coordinator will add to the budget and some couples prefer to organise everything themselves. There are also lots of last-minute wedding checklists that can help you.


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Depending on the setting of your wedding, tailor the music accordingly. For a barnyard wedding, go for country music, whereas if it’s on the beach, play more tropical tunes. Work with your partner to create the perfect playlist which you can both enjoy. If you will be having an outdoor reception, speak to your venue about where would be best to place the dancefloor and set up the band or DJ. Always be aware of any surprise weather when setting up electricals and arrange the appropriate covers for them just in case.


Most outdoor weddings are held in the warmer months, which means people will be thirsty. Keep water readily available and think of your elderly and younger guests, particularly in spring and summer months. Have cushions on the floor for people to relax if they need to, and remember to notify all guests so they can wear appropriate clothing. Parasols, fans and bug spray will probably come in handy so consider making a grab bag of some essentials just in case guests need it. As the evening begins, ensure you have plenty of whimsical lighting prepared.

If you are holding your wedding outside, you can get creative with your menu and have something that stands out from other weddings. A BBQ, Hog Roast or picnic-style food are all enjoyable and fit with the natural theme. If you don’t want tables, lay down blankets on the floor and let guests choose their own seating arrangements. This veers away from traditional weddings and means one less thing off the to-do list. Speak to your venue about catering options and ask inspiration from past weddings they’ve hosted if you get stuck for ideas.


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Enjoy it

Above all, remember to enjoy yourself. An outdoor wedding is really special and something you and your partner can remember forever. Keep on top of planning and allow yourself to enjoy the day instead of worrying about other people. This is your big day and you want it to be the best it can be. It can be hard to put the trust of such an important event on other people, but on the day allow yourself to relax and allow your friends and family to take over. Even if you don’t hire a professional, ensure you have a dedicated friend to take photos for you so you’ll always remember the big day.

Outdoor weddings near me

If you are looking for the perfect place to tie the knot outdoors, look no further than Sedgebrook Hall. Have your rustic outdoor wedding at our stunning venue,  surrounded by 13 acres of gorgeous garden with a remarkable view and natural wildlife. Located in the heart of Northamptonshire and surrounded by countryside, our venue is easy to access so your guests can enjoy a smooth journey. We can offer delicious catering that is sure to tantalise your tastebuds and luxury accommodation for you and your guests. Our team have a wealth of experience in outdoor weddings so we can be sure your big day goes smoothly from planning to execution. For more information or to book your outdoor wedding venue in Northamptonshire, contact us today. Click here to view our wedding packages which help you get the most for your money.