Prom Planning Made Easy: Prom Planning Checklist

A prom is a memorable night to remember that comes once a year. It’s a time you and your friends can reflect on your school years and make memories that will last a lifetime. Before you experience a great night to remember you may be thinking of everything you need to include within your prom planning checklist. 

It may seem overwhelming with so much to consider, from securing the perfect outfit, arranging your transport, pre-prom plans and who you will be attending the event with, but with the help of our prom planning checklist, you can rest assured that you will be prepared well ahead of time ready to party the night away. 

The Ultimate Prom Planning Guide

It may seem like so much to remember, securing the perfect outfit, beauty appointments and sticking to a reasonable budget, but we are here to help with our handy guide on planning the perfect prom.

Set a Budget

Before securing the perfect outfit, transport and pre-prom plans, you will want to establish your budget. Your prom budget will all be dependent on the outfit, transport and beauty appointments you choose. Prom can easily become a huge expense, and if you are sticking to a tight budget then you may want to consider purchasing a second-hand outfit or even getting creative with DIY. 

You can easily find some fantastic ideas and inspiration by hashtagging prom dresses or DIY prom outfits on social media platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram, then you can really set yourself apart from the rest without going overboard on the budget!

Go Outfit Shopping

It’s finally that time to secure the perfect outfit for the grand finale. To be inspired take the chance to visit the shops and try on some amazing outfits helping you to choose your prom theme and what exactly you are searching for. With so many styles, colours, shapes and sizes available it can easily become overwhelming, to help narrow down your search make sure to stick within your budget. 

Many online brands can help you to find the perfect prom dress whilst exploring as many options as possible, this way you can order your outfit in advance leaving yourself enough time for last-minute alterations.

Book Appointments

Booking your appointments in advance is one of the most vital steps to tick off your prom planning checklist, and once they are secured you can begin to pull your outfit together. Whether you are looking to hire a cameraman to capture all the magical moments, or be pampered with the help of an experienced make-up artist, in order to save disappointment pre-book all of your appointments in advance to avoid all of the best slots being full. 

Make Pre-Prom Plans

Pre-prom party plans are the perfect way to kill the nerves and capture some great shots with your friends and family before arriving at your school prom. Whether you are looking to host your pre-prom celebrations, visit a friend’s house or are meeting at a public space, it’s important to consider where your friends will be travelling from so the location is convenient and easily accessible for the driver of your prom transport. 

Once you have your pre-prom plans set in place you can inform the driver of your prom transport on where to pick you up. 

Arrange your Transport 

Nothing creates a night to remember like arriving in a limo to your school prom. To top the prom planning process of your school prom, arrange a form of transport that gives you are your friends the ultimate entrance. There are many options available to ensure you arrive in style, from the prom king and queen arriving in a horse and carriage, classic car, party bus, limo or sports car, you can be sure to find the best form of transport for you and your friends.

Top tip: Prom nights are one of the busiest times of the year for limo and party bus companies, so make sure to book your date in their diary way ahead of time!

Enjoy your Prom Night!

Now relax! Now you have everything ticked off your prom planning checklist with appointments booked, outfits secured and a date to look forward to, you can begin to rest in preparation for the special day. After all, a prom night should be a fun night for you and your friends to look back on without the stress of planning taking over. 

Before you hit the dance floor, make sure to check out the best prom theme ideas here.

Securing the Perfect Prom Venue

At Sedgebrook Hall, we are experts in hosting memorable proms and boast 13 acres of beautiful grounds grounds perfect for creating wonderful photographs. Our modern prom venue offers all the facilities and amenities you need to celebrate such a special occasion, from affordable prom packages, an abundance of outdoor space suitable for summer proms and exquisite prom catering easily adapted to your school’s requirements.  

To start planning your upcoming school prom, contact our team of experienced professionals today to discuss the prom packages we have available at Sedgebrook Hall.

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