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Reasons Why Your Venue Isn’t Working

So, you’ve picked a venue, got a hardworking team behind you and the plans for a fantastic event. But somehow it just isn’t working. This is a frustrating situation but can sometimes have a quick fix. We’ve put together a guide on reasons why your venue isn’t working, and how to fix it.

Not the right size

Hosting your event in a venue which is the wrong size can affect the mood. If it’s too big, your room will seem echoey and empty. Similarly, if the space is too small, your guests will be cramped and the room will feel stuffy. Both scenarios can affect delegates and stop them from enjoying themselves. Consider sending out your invites early so you can get an idea of capacity before booking your venue. If you aren’t sure about location sizes, speak to the venue themselves. They should be able to advise you on the ideal space.

Wrong location

When hosting an event it’s important to be aware of your location. A woodland party in the middle of nowhere sounds like a great idea, but ultimately it will be hard for attendees to get to. Consider how close your venue is to the motorway and local transport links. It will increase the turn-out rate if guests have a clear route and are confident about how to get there. At Sedgebrook Hall, we are located in the charming village of Chapel Brampton in the heart of the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside. We are easily accessible from the rest of the country and have a variety of flexible event spaces for you.

No event planner

An event planner isn’t always needed, but if you’re trying to host a big event on your own, it can be daunting. With so much to think about, it can be easy for things to be missed or not given enough thought. Some venues have a dedicated event planner who knows the space and will be able to provide advice during the build up. If not, you can outsource or ask the venue for recommendations. Even just having someone on hand on the day can be a big help.

You aren’t giving the venue enough information

Your venue and their team need to be given enough information about your event to run properly, and the sooner you can give it to them, the better. Numbers of guests, food plans and special requirements are all things that need planning. If you can be as active and helpful as you can with the venue, the event will run much smoother.

Wrong room layout

A lot of venues have a variety of layouts which you can choose from. From ballroom to classroom, you need to think about what will best suit the occasion. The wrong layout can create the wrong mood. If you’re unsure, speak to the venue team and see what they’d recommend.

Guest specifics

It’s important to look over your guest list and make a note of anyone’s special requirements. This could range from disabled parking to a food allergy. If you’re unsure, always double-check. You want everyone to be able to enjoy your event and don’t want to spoil it for someone over something so simple.

If you want to find a great venue with hall hire in Northampton for your event, get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you organise your event, with your guests at a the heart of everything we do.

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