5 Team Building Activities for Conference Calls You Need To Try Out

Let’s face it, there’s only so many times you can play Two Truths and One Lie before you and your new-found conference call buddies suffer from boredom, stage-fright, or straight up second-hand embarrassment. We’re not shy, so we would actually go as far as to say that over the course of the last year, we’ve become “Team Building Activities for Conference Calls” connoisseurs, so to speak.

The world is your theatre, and your Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Skype call is your stage. So own it! There are so many other fantastic and fun ways to break the ice with your call-mates, as long as you’re willing to get creative. I’m sure we all know by now how to set yourself up for success when it comes to video calls, but just to make sure, here are our top three don’ts when it comes to the wonderful world of webcams: 

1) Don’t Call In A Busy Environment

You would think that this one would go without saying, but if you’re going to take part in a professional work video call: don’t call from anywhere that isn’t quiet, calm, and well lit.

Working from home? We get it. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to get a moment of peace and quiet from one room to the next. However, making sure your environment is as peaceful as it can really set you up for success.

2) Don’t Forget You’re On Mute

Being on mute isn’t a sin! At least…not the first time. There’s nothing quite as awkward or pain-staking as watching someone talk passionately about a topic, and not being able to tell them in time that nobody can hear them. It’s horrifying!

What might be worse, however, is not realising that you’re not on mute, and perhaps saying something you might regret later on. So, let’s save everyone the trouble and try to stay alert, shall we? 

3) Don’t Spend The Entire Call Looking At Yourself 

We know you’re gorgeous, you know you’re gorgeous, everyone on your video chat is very aware of just how gorgeous you are. However, if you’re trying to have a serious conversation with Jen from HR, we recommend making eye contact with her.

Avoid pouting where possible, do your best not to smize, and try and refrain from restyling your hair every 20 seconds or so during your video conferencing debut. You can do it! We believe in you!

You’re now armed and ready with a full-blown arsenal of what not to do in your conference call. That’s great!

Now you know what not to do, here is our ultimate list of team building games for conference calls. Don’t use them all at once! Or do. Either way, have fun!

The Best Fun Team Building Activities For Conference Calls

1) Pick A Jackbox Game, Any Jackbox Game

Consider Jackbox to be your metaphorical polar bear: it’s a fantastic service that is guaranteed to break the ice! Although not entirely free, the small amount you do pay gives you access to an impressive selection of online games that can be played wherever you are in the world. In no time at all, everyone will be glued to their devices and completing various virtual activities. But this time, it’s in a good way!

Simply pick the game you want to play, and use your screen to share and stream to your heart’s content! We recommend investing in the public-speaking-turned-silly party game Talking Points or (if you already know who you’re dealing with pretty well…) the character-assassinating Role Models

2) Aim Your Camera Out Of The Window

This one is ideal for those on the call who really know very little about their other meeting attendees. Everyone is very careful about what exactly goes on in the realms of their Zoom/Microsoft Teams background and 9 times out of 10, it says very little about the person you’re actually talking to, let alone where in the world they are. 

Pointing your camera out the window, giving a couple of clues as to the city you’re based in as you go, creates an interesting ice-breaker game for everyone to take part in. Remember: not every location looks just how you expect it to, so it’ll definitely make you think a little more outside of the box when faced with a new group of people.

3) Bingo! You’ve Scored Yourself A New Activity

By using this Bingo score sheet, or a similar one that you create and distribute yourself, you can really make the most out of this new-found working from home life. The idea of playing Bingo is far from new, but playing a game of Bingo that really relates to your current situation is a fun way to laugh about the way of the world and connect with your teammates on a more personal level. 

This game focuses on completing a fun activity and highlighting the importance of team bonding during this period of remote work and virtual meetings. Depending on the company culture of your workplace, feel free to personalise the bingo sheet to best suit your remote workers (inside jokes are encouraged!).

4) Ready…Steady…Cook (Remotely)!

Did you know that eating together has been scientifically proven to help bring people together? It’s true! By eating together, you get to experience a special kind of connection that’s difficult to replicate.

Now, turn that up a notch by introducing an element of competition! Decide on what it is you’re all going to make (we recommend a dessert, like these delicious gingerbread blondies) and turn up the heat! Communication and collaboration are key when it comes to this virtual team building activity, so why not relieve the stress by introducing a virtual happy hour event alongside?

5) S-P-I-R-I-T! What Does That Spell? Spirit!

Spirit Week is something that’s traditionally more popular amongst American high school students, but why not bring a celebratory touch to your conference calls for a week or so? Everyone needs a reason to smile at the moment, and having a different theme for each day you call might help to lift everyone’s spirits just a little bit. 

Create a schedule early on so that everyone has enough time to prepare. Whether you choose a theme for everyone to follow costume-wise for one day, or you set every one a show-and-tell style challenge relating to something from their lives: preparation is certainly key.

Team Building Activities for Conference Calls Conclusion

There are plenty of team building activities for conference calls, that are both clever and out-of-the-box for you to take part in. Getting to know who you’re working with really has never been more fun. Just as a reminder, here are our top 5 virtual team-building exercise suggestions to really set you apart from the rest:

  1. Pick A Jackbox Game, Any Jackbox Game
  2. Aim Your Camera Out Of The Window
  3. Bingo! You’ve Scored Yourself A New Activity
  4. Ready…Steady…Cook (Remotely)!
  5. S-P-I-R-I-T! What Does That Spell? Spirit!

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