Find the perfect wedding dress style for body type

One of the most exciting things to prepare in the lead up to your wedding day is your wedding dress. Everything from wedding dress shopping with loved ones to walking down the aisle wearing your dress is a special moment which you’ll remember forever. If you have a perfect dress in mind which you’ve wanted forever, the most challenging part is finding it. However, if you haven’t put too much thought into it, you might be wondering what sort of dress will suit you best, and the best wedding dress style for body type.

Find the perfect wedding dress style for body type

Best wedding dress style for body type

Everyone’s body shape is unique and should be celebrated. Whatever kind of dress you choose, you are sure to look stunning. Different kinds of dress complement different features and can make you feel a million dollars. We are going to be exploring some different body types and the dresses which suit them the most.

Wedding dress for petite body type

Mermaid dresses are beautiful and look extremely flattering on a more petite frame. On a smaller dress, you can also get away with more bling so don’t shy away from detailing such as gems and sparkles. If you want your dress to be that bit more dramatic, experiment with sleeve style. You can get some really pretty puffed or embroidered sleeves which really tie the gown together. Backless dresses also complement a petite body type and look really elegant.

Wedding dresses for busty body type

If you have a larger bust, there are plenty of shapes which complement this. One of our favourites is the corset wedding dress which provides plenty of support throughout the day. Corsets look elegant and are perfect for brides who are looking for a princess-style gown.  Remember that you will be wearing your dress all day, so ensure you find something which looks great but also provides maximum comfort. Finding a beautiful dress is brilliant, but if you’re going to be stuck feeling uncomfortable it can put a downer on your big day.

Wedding gowns for apple-shaped body

The empire waist dress cuts off below the bust with a high waisted appearance which looks elegant and flattering. The empire waist is perfect for an apple-shaped body and can be adorned with some subtle sparkle for extra drama. If you have a bigger bust, a sweetheart neckline really compliments this. Consider having sleeves or invisible straps with this to ensure you aren’t pulling your dress up all day. Functionality comes into play with wedding dresses because they need to be comfortable enough to wear all day. You don’t want to be diverted from enjoying yourself.

Wedding dress styles for height

The other thing that comes into consideration when choosing your wedding dress is how tall you are. Sometimes the best way to find something that suits you is to experiment, so don’t be afraid to make plenty of appointments and try on plenty of dresses to find what works for you. After the appointment, take time to consider your options and don’t feel as though you need to rush into anything.

Wedding gowns for shorter brides

If you are a shorter bride, consider going for a classy white cocktail dress. This looks stunning and is something a little different from the standard. If you want to add a few inches, it may be tempting to choose large heels for your big date. Just remember that you will be walking around in these all day and it’s important to stay comfortable, so sometimes pretty flats work best.

Wedding dresses for tall brides

The classic ball gown with a full skirt works beautifully for a taller bride and accentuates longer legs. The fishtail dress works well for taller brides, particularly with long, decorative hems. If you have long arms which you want to draw attention to, go for strapless or translucent sleeves to show them off.

Wedding dress style for body type conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog on wedding dress style for body type and that this has helped you decide which sort of dresses you want to try. This is such an exciting time which you can share with both loved ones and your partner. If you’re still looking for somewhere to host your big day, look no further than Sedgebrook Hall. Our beautiful venue is surrounded by 13 acres of picturesque landscape which provides the perfect backdrop for romance. We also offer charming outdoor weddings for those who have always envisioned tying the knot in the tranquillity of nature. Our all-inclusive wedding packages provide everything you need for a memorable day. For further information or to speak to our team, don’t hesitate to call us today.

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