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What Is The Best Month To Get Married?


Of course, every couple wants their wedding to be the best it can be. It’s totally understandable! And for many newly-engaged couples, deciding when it’s time to get married is the first step in making sure you two get hitched without a… well, ‘hitch’! So, what is the best month to get married?

First of all, let us clear something up: there is no definitive ‘best month’ to get married in. Choosing a wedding date as an engaged couple is a huge decision, and whatever month you decide to get married in will be the absolute best month, because you both chose it.

However, we understand that as soon as you announce that you’re engaged you’re soon flooded with the same question over and over again, by well-wishers with good intentions: “Have you set a date yet?”. It can be a daunting prospect indeed, picking a time in the year to get married that will work out for everyone.

There are pros and cons to every month, and if you’re struggling to find the best time of the year to get married, here’s a rundown of the advantages and disadvantages:

The Best Month for a Wedding

1) Frosty January and February Weddings

best month for wedding

If you’re looking to throw a wedding that’s guaranteed to lift everyone’s spirits, tying the knot in January is the way to go. A very small amount of couples choose to get married in January, so you can bet that prices are bound to hit an all-time low (which is sure to bring a smile to your face, too!). 

However, due to the surge of ‘January-Motivation’ that comes around every year, many of your guests might be looking to spend a little less money, lose a little weight, or drink a little less. This being the case, guests might be not as inclined to celebrate. 

February is often considered a month that brings quite a bit of doom and gloom, but we beg to differ! Not only is it, once again, a month that is less popular for weddings (which is, once again, fantastic for your budget), but it’s also full of things to celebrate. 

Chinese New Year, Pancake Day, and Valentine’s Day are quickly approaching, and although Pancake Day might be our personal favourite, nothing is stopping you from incorporating any one of these celebrations into your big day. Just keep in mind that the weather in February can often be unpredictable at best, and downright awful at worst!

2) In-Bloom March and April Weddings

best month for wedding

The weather in March is usually, wait for it… bloomin’ lovely! In the UK, March is the time of year that spring really seems to take full effect and makes everywhere look especially fresh, delicate, and romantic. 

But the weather in Britain is nothing if not unpredictable, and for the last few years, many places across the UK have been under 6 feet of snow by the time that March is ready to make its entrance. And be sure to remember that Lent also happens in March, so many of your guests might be restricting themselves diet-wise.

Throwing your spring wedding in April has so many benefits, the first being that April is still considered by many venues as ‘off-season’, so you’re still looking at taking advantage of some incredibly low offers. As well as this, British Summer Time is going to be in full swing, so you can prepare yourself to party on through these longer and lighter evenings. 

April showers? Ha! The weather is actually a lot better in April as opposed to March also, despite what the Disney movies have to sing about it! However, there are lots of religious events and dates that occur during April, which might clash with the plans of your guests. 

3) Warm May and June Weddings

best month for wedding

It’s beginning to warm up in May, and although it might still be spring, the long days turning into even longer nights definitely give this month that certain ‘summery’ feeling. May is actually quite a popular month for weddings, but incredibly, May still isn’t within the wedding peak season, meaning you might still be able to book venues at slightly more affordable prices. 

Alas, May presents two bank holidays, which can present you with both a gift and a curse. Some of your guests might have already booked holidays to take full advantage of these extra days off. And speaking of curses: some cultures think that May is an incredibly unlucky month. We’re just saying: it might be something worth thinking about!

June is a very popular wedding planning month: not only is it still not in peak season, but you don’t have to be as organised! You can, in fact, book caterers and other suppliers a lot later on, as opposed to July and August weddings, when you have to book with haste! 

Honeymoon wise, there are so many places that are fantastic to visit in June, where you’ll experience gorgeous weather at remarkably low prices. Keep in mind that children will still be attending school in June, which means they might have trouble getting out of it.

4) Scorching July and August Weddings

best month for wedding

It’s officially wedding season! Summertime is here, and if you’re looking at throwing an outdoor summer wedding, July and August will be the best time to do so in the UK. With the temperature soaring to unbelievable heights, there’s no wonder that this time of year is the most popular to say “I do” in!

With children and teachers free from schools across the country, July and August are the most ideal times to celebrate all together. A downside to getting married in the height of summer is that everybody else wants to get married in the height of summer too: meaning you’ll be paying top price for your big day. 

If you’re considering getting married in the summertime and would like to minimise your spending, at Sedgebrook Hall we offer a variety of packages to suit your every need. From small, intimate weddings all the way to grand parties with large numbers of guests: we’ve got something to suit you. Our outdoor weddings in July and August at Sedgebrook Hall are guaranteed to get your party sizzling!

5) Autumnal September and October Weddings

best month for wedding

September is a beautiful time of year, where it’s just starting to cool down outside the nights are beginning to draw in. If you’re wanting a wedding with a little chill in the air, but not too much, a September wedding might be the way forward. You’re bound to have a bit more flexibility with this month, as it isn’t in as high demand as the months previous. 

The conditions that September brings is also usually a lot better for wedding photos. Unfortunately, September is often considered quite a depressing month, as for many is means heading back to work and/or school. For those considering an outdoor wedding, September weather might not be the best choice either. 

If you’re wanting an autumn wedding with lots of drama and atmosphere, an October wedding will definitely get your heart racing. The leaves are falling quickly in the UK, and they’re doing so in a kaleidoscope of warm colours, which will be perfect for an outdoor photoshoot. 

With Halloween being right around the corner, it serves as the perfect opportunity to get creative with your decorations. The weather, as always in the UK, is unpredictable in October. This is one major downside of getting married in October.

6) Festive November and December Weddings

best month for wedding

Nothing screams a ‘cosy winter night’ quite like a November winter wedding. It’ll be chilly enough to warrant heaps of fluffy blankets and hot chocolate on tap, but not chilly enough to restrict you from going outside if you’d like to.

November is, once again, going to be a month that’ll be a little bit cheaper as it’s not in peak wedding season. November also brings with it Bonfire Night and Diwali, meaning you should definitely stock up on sparklers like there’s no tomorrow. 

Of course, outside photos might be tricky due to the natural lighting situation being very minimal, and a big challenge will be making your wedding feel bright and toasty, while the outside world reaches minus figures. 

With December comes a very exciting ‘party’ atmosphere that’s truly infectious. Christmas and New Year bring festive cheer to any wedding, and if you’re aiming for an elegant wedding full of sparkles and romance, a December wedding should definitely be on the cards. 

A wedding in December must also come with its downsides, however: lots of people are incredibly busy over the festive period, so you’ll have to give your guests a lot of notice in order to guarantee their attendance. Depending on where your wedding will be taking place, you might also have to factor in extreme weather conditions, and how they might affect the journey your guests will have to make.

What Is The Best Month To Get Married? Conclusion

Newly engaged couples, more often than not, end up choosing a date that means a lot to the pair of them, like a wedding anniversary. Or if there’s a certain time of year that they really enjoy spending together, choosing a date which corresponds with these times of year adds a certain something to the big day. 

So, just to recap, here are our ideas about the best month to get married:

  1. January & February: affordable, guaranteed to boost spirits, chilly, tricky to cater towards guests.
  2. March & April: lovely scenery, lighter evenings, unpredictable weather, religious holiday clashes.
  3. May & June: two bank holidays, great honeymoon options, popular wedding month, superstitiously unlucky month. 
  4. July & August: reliable weather, more availability, more expensive, less organisational time.
  5. September & October: better photographs, cosy atmosphere, shorter nights, chilly.
  6. November & December:  elegant and festive themes, ‘party’ atmosphere, difficulty with guest transport, very busy.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that’s available, no matter what time of year it is, we recommend booking our stunning venue Sedgebrook Hall in Northampton. Sedgebrook Hall is an elegant venue, where both you and your wedding guests can stay overnight. Let’s begin planning your perfect wedding day at our venue.