What theme could I choose for my event

Having an event for a theme can make it much more special. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or you just feel like celebrating, having a focal point is a great place to start working around. Decorating also becomes easier when you have a particular focus. There are loads of different themes you can choose from, so we’ve put together a list of the best.

Book themed events

Choose your favourite book and throw a bash around it. The Great Gatsby is a very popular choice. Have everyone dress in the classic 20’s style of suits and flapper girl dresses. Create champagne towers and decorate everything in regal black and gold. This can be done on a number of levels depending on the budget. You can have fun with the food for this one and really get creative.

Black and white

A simple but effective party theme is to go with a colour scheme. Black and white is a really easy one to pull off. The majority of people have something either black or white in their wardrobe and the décor could be white with splashes of black for a statement. Although not all the food has to follow the theme, having a few choice foods items out can look really effective. Have some bowls of dark and white chocolates out throughout the party for everyone to dip into. Little cupcakes with the corresponding icing is also a really nice touch.

Era party

This is one you can really have fun with. Choose your favourite era and plan a party around it. For the ’80s, invite everyone to dress up in neon colours with leg warmers. Play the music of the era and have 80’s sweets in bowls for the guests to nibble on. Decorate your venue with bright colours and bold shapes to take your guests back in time.

Film Party

Just like with a literature themed party, there are lots of different options for a film-themed party. If it’s an anniversary, maybe choose something that’s special to your relationship, such as the first film you watched together. Harry Potter is a great choice and has lots of options for décor. Ask everyone to dress as their favourite character and serve pumpkin pasties, chocolate frogs and every flavour beans.

Murder mystery

Always a fun one. A murder mystery party is a great way to get everyone mingling. There’s plenty of resources online or just create your own story. Let the guests know the era or theme ahead of time so they can dress appropriately. Get the team of the event space to get involved. They could act as other characters or give messages from the “murderer.” There are loads of things you can do here to get creative.


Another theme with a lot of possibilities. You can focus on one main film or just go with a Disney theme. For the Lion King, invite everyone to dress up as their favourite character. Decorate the space in a jungle theme and have food like jelly worms, fresh fruit and animal biscuits.

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