9 Conference Activities for a Successful Event

Conferences play a vital role in facilitating networking, knowledge sharing, and building business relationships. However, the extensive sessions and information overload can sometimes leave attendees feeling demotivated. 

To ensure a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere throughout the event, incorporating interactive and enjoyable conference activities is crucial. These activities not only break the monotony but also provide attendees with opportunities to actively participate, collaborate, and learn in a more dynamic setting. 

Whether it’s engaging in team-building challenges, solving intriguing mysteries, or attending hands-on workshops, interactive conference activities infuse energy and excitement, fostering a more enriching and memorable conference experience for all participants.


  • Ideas for conference activities
  • How do you make a conference interesting? 
  • How do you make a conference interactive? 

Ideas for Conference Activities 

Business conference activities play a key role in the success of corporate events by enhancing engagement, fostering networking opportunities and creating a dynamic learning environment. Research shows that 75% of staff say teamwork and collaboration are crucial to corporate success, therefore fostering a collaborative and cooperative work environment is crucial for achieving business goals.

Activities for conferences break the monotony of traditional conference settings, providing a sense of excitement and enthusiasm among attendees whilst promoting connections between professionals. 

1. Trivia Challenge

Including a bit of friendly competition at your conference can work wonders to liven up the atmosphere. A trivia challenge is an excellent activity to use within a virtual conference when engaging your audience and testing their knowledge on topics related to the conference theme or industry. 

To carry out the trivia challenge smoothly, use interactive polling tools or a dedicated trivia platform that allows participants to submit their answers in real time. As participants compete to showcase their expertise, the trivia challenge encourages healthy competition, fosters engagement, and adds an element of enjoyment to the conference experience, making it more memorable for all attendees.

2. Scavenger Hunts 

Scavenger hunts are a fantastic conference activity for large-scale conferences looking to foster networking opportunities among attendees. To carry out a scavenger hunt, create a list of tasks or items related to the event and venue. Tasks can include finding specific exhibitor booths, collecting business cards from fellow participants, or taking selfies at conference landmarks. 

Divide attendees into teams and provide each group with the scavenger hunt list. Encourage participants to work together, strategise, and explore the conference venue while completing the tasks. 

To add an element of excitement, set a time limit for the scavenger hunt, and designate a meeting point for teams to return and tally their accomplishments. The scavenger hunt not only promotes networking and team-building but also adds an element of fun and adventure to the conference, making it an enjoyable and memorable experience for all involved.

A conference venue such as Sedgebrook Hall, which offers outstanding team building facilities, plays a pivotal role in enabling interactive conference activities and fostering camaraderie among attendees. With top-notch amenities and spaces specifically designed for team-building exercises, Sedgebrook Hall provides the ideal environment for participants to engage in collaborative challenges, problem-solving tasks, and group activities.

3. Interactive Workshops

Providing interactive workshops is a powerful method of offering hands-on learning experiences whilst catering to a variety of interests. Consider inviting industry experts to lead practical sessions allowing attendees to actively participate instead of being passive listeners during presentations. 

These workshops should include a wide range of topics, ranging from skill-building exercises and problem-solving challenges to creative brainstorming sessions. Through interactive workshops, attendees are urged to share their knowledge and acquire valuable insights to enhance the overall conference experience for everyone involved.

4. Speed Networking 

Speed networking is a highly beneficial conference idea, particularly when hosted at a dedicated conference centre like Sedgebrook Hall. This engaging concept allows attendees to connect with a large number of guests, breaking the ice and encouraging active engagement to make networking less daunting.

By promoting targeted connections based on attendees’ interests and industries, speed networking greatly boosts the chances of meaningful interactions and potential collaborations. 

This dynamic and efficient networking opportunity elevates the overall attendee experience, fosters valuable connections, and maximises the benefits of networking within the limited time available at conferences. 

5. Poll Questions

Poll questions are excellent conference activities as they promote active engagement and interaction among participants. These questions encourage attendees to share their opinions, insights, and preferences on various topics related to the conference theme. 

By using polls, you can gauge the audience’s interests, knowledge levels, and preferences in real time. This instant feedback allows speakers and presenters to tailor their content to better meet the audience’s needs, making the conference experience more relevant and valuable. 

Poll questions foster a sense of inclusivity and participation, encouraging even the quieter attendees to voice their thoughts. Incorporating poll questions into a conference adds a dynamic and interactive element, creating a more vibrant and engaging environment for all participants.

6. Icebreaker Q&A

An icebreaker Q&A session is a fantastic conference activity for small conferences as they play a crucial role in creating meaningful connections and setting a friendly tone for the event. By creating a list of multiple-choice questions related to a person’s professional interests, you can promote networking, and open communication, and ease any initial awkwardness among attendees. 

This interactive icebreaker is ideal for virtual events by ensuring that attendees are familiarised with each other right from the start, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for a successful conference.

7. Fish Bowls

The fishbowl activity is an ideal conference activity that brings together diverse groups of attendees with different backgrounds, expertise and perspectives. The fishbowl format allows for inclusive and meaningful roundtable discussions, enabling participants to share their insights and learn from one another.

Conferences typically focus on specific themes or topics of interest. By using the fishbowl activity, organisers can delve deeper into these subjects, fostering in-depth conversations and critical thinking. The inner circle participants can provide valuable insights and expertise, while the outer circle can actively listen and gain new perspectives.

This conference activity promotes audience engagement and participation, keeping attendees interested and involved throughout the conference. The rotation of participants from the outer to the inner circle ensures that various voices are heard, making the discussions more dynamic and enriching.

8. Interactive Workshops

Interactive workshops are hands-on sessions that provide practical learning experiences for conference attendees. These workshops can cover a wide range of topics, from skills development to creative exercises, and encourage active participation, group discussions, and problem-solving. Participants leave with new knowledge and actionable skills they can apply in their personal or professional lives

9. Solve the Mystery

Solve the Mystery is an engaging and interactive conference activity that fosters teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among participants. In this activity, attendees are presented with a mystery or a challenging scenario that requires them to work together to unravel clues, analyse evidence, and deduce the solution. 

It encourages collaboration and communication as attendees use their knowledge and expertise to crack the case. This conference activity not only adds an element of fun and excitement to the conference but also promotes creative thinking and enhances participants’ ability to handle complex situations. This activity is an excellent way to energise the conference atmosphere and leave attendees with lasting memories of a memorable and enriching experience.

How Do You Make a Conference Interesting?

To make a conference or event interesting, it’s crucial to include a wide range of engaging ideas that cater to attendees’ interests and needs. One effective way is to consider hosting the conference at an offsite venue which offers a refreshing change of environment and inspires creativity. 

Introducing interactive conference activities such as workshops, team building activities and icebreakers creates a well-balanced schedule that mixes informative sessions with enjoyable activities. This ensures attendees have a memorable and rewarding experience, making the conference more interesting and successful.

How Do You Make a Conference Interactive?

To create an interactive conference experience, it’s vital to include a variety of engaging elements throughout the event. Hands-on activities, breakout sessions, interactive workshops, and large group discussions offer attendees a chance to actively partake in the learning process and share their insights. 

Including icebreaker activities at the beginning of the conference can also help build connections among attendees to break down barriers and foster a friendly atmosphere. 

By including these interactive ideas in your conference, attendees are more likely to be fully engaged and attentive throughout the event. This level of engagement leads to a more rewarding and enriching experience, as they have the chance to network, learn from each other, and gain valuable insights from the event

Elevate Your Next Conference Event at Sedgebrook Hall

By striking a balance between valuable content and enjoyable activities, attendees are guaranteed a memorable and rewarding experience, ultimately leading to a more successful and impactful conference. 

At Sedgebrook Hall, we offer an exceptional conference experience, making us the perfect choice for hosting your conference activities. Nestled in picturesque grounds, our venue boasts modern facilities, audiovisual technology, and spacious meeting rooms, providing a productive environment for your meetings and events. 

With our 24-hour and Day Delegate Rate Packages, we ensure convenience and flexibility. Whether you’re planning a small business gathering or a large corporate event, our professionalism, versatility, and tranquil ambience guarantee a successful event.

Enquire about your upcoming conference today. 

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