Graduation Party Themes | The Ultimate List

It’s been a long few years, but you did it! It might have been quite a journey, filled with laughter, sweat, and tears, but you’ve graduated! And if that’s not something to celebrate, we don’t know what is. But with so many graduation party themes to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what graduation theme to opt for.

That’s, however, where we step in! We’ve compiled the ultimate list of graduation party themes, so whether you’re planning your high school graduation or your university graduation, we want to take a little bit of the weight off of your shoulders! So, have a look through, and see what graduation theme or party themes catch your eye.

7 Fantastic Graduation Party Themes

1) Glamorous Black and Gold Theme

Pop the champagne, put your glad rags on and get ready to paint the town red…or black. Or maybe even gold! Now is the perfect time to get your sparkle on, and celebrate like the true A-list celebrity you are.

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, splash out on a red carpet! Let the world know that you’ve graduated, and you don’t care who knows it. And of course, no glamorous event is complete without a champagne tower. But we’re sure that we don’t need to tell you that!

2) Ice Cream and Donut Themed Graduation Party

Donut threaten us with a good time or a good graduation party theme! Yeah, okay we know that was bad, but hear us out. I think we can all agree that desserts and sweet treats are the keys to happiness, so why wouldn’t you want to incorporate as many of them into your graduation party as possible?

Like these Marshmallow Diploma Pops, or these Mini Cupcake Mortarboards. On top of that, there are so many awful graduation-dessert puns to make, it’s almost criminal to not use them! Go crazy with these graduation party dessert ideas.

3) Trip Down Memory Lane Graduation

One of the best things about a graduation party is that it really is all about you. You’ve achieved something incredible, and you’ve worked hard to get there. Even if the road to get there has been rough, you made it to the end in one piece, and that’s something to be celebrated.

However, it’s important to not forget where you came from, and the events that made you who you are today, and you can do exactly that with this graduation party theme. So, print out as many photographs of your adventures as you can, and look ahead to all of the adventures you have to come.

4) School Colours Graduation Theme

What team? Your team! Or “Wildcats”. Either way, your graduation or your graduation party is the perfect time to show a little bit (or a lot!) of school spirit.

It’s a big day, so wear your college colours with pride; if it’s your son or daughter graduating, checking out their university’s shop would be a wise move for graduation gifts. So, decorate accordingly with banners, streamers, and anything else you can think of.

As long as you’re decorating with the school colours of your choice, it’s difficult to go wrong! We’d also suggest that a show-stopping graduation cake wouldn’t go amiss! Because after all; what is a party without cake?! We particularly love this one we found on Pinterest; just look at that little graduation cap! What a good idea!

5) Graduation Backyard BBQ

Some of the very best parties happen in your own backyard, and on a hot summer’s day, there’s often nowhere better to be! With this graduation party theme, you have the opportunity to really get back to your roots and celebrate exactly where it is you started from.

However, who says that a backyard BBQ has to be in your backyard? If you’re struggling for space, feel free to come and use our backyard at Sedgebrook Hall! With our acres and acres of outdoor space, Sedgebrook Hall would be more than happy to host your graduation backyard BBQ and to have the opportunity to celebrate your success with you.

6) Graduation Themed Cocktail Party

There’s not a lot better than dressing up all fancy with your nearest and dearest and treating yourself to a delicious cocktail (or two!). Keep it classy with a Graduate Cocktail, or be adventurous with a bit of Blue Slush Punch. A photo booth is also definitely recommended at this college/high school graduation party. This school graduation party theme is great for those looking for a sophisticated grad party.

Lots of people recently, for reasons beyond their control, haven’t had a traditional graduation ceremony, and therefore are yet to experience all that the typical graduation day has to offer. However, with a cocktail party, you get to celebrate all of the best parts of graduation, but without the often unbearable heat, 27 layers of a ceremonial gown, and a floppy grad cap!

7) Dr. Seuss Themed Graduation Party

This one might be a little weirder, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a lot of fun with it. For those who like to live life a little more quirkily, this Dr Seuss-themed graduation party is the perfect school graduation party idea. With this graduation idea, you have free reign to go wild with party decorations, too!

A more traditional approach would be to channel some of his most tame and classic works, such as “Oh The Places You’ll Go!” or “The Cat in the Hat”. However, nothing is stopping you from channelling your inner child to the extreme and opting for a “The Lorax” or a “Horton Hears a Who” themed graduation party! In this instance, whackier truly is better.

Graduation Party Themes Concluded

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the fact that you’ve survived the education system, but there’s no way quite like a party! We hope that no matter what, you celebrate in style and that our list of fantastic graduation party theme ideas gave you that little bit of inspiration you were looking for. Just as a reminder, here are our top 7 ultimate graduation party themes:

  1. Glamorous Black and Gold Theme
  2. Ice Cream and Donut Themes Graduation Party
  3. Trip Down Memory Lane Graduation
  4. School Colours Graduation Theme
  5. Graduation Backyard BBQ
  6. Graduation Themed Cocktail Party
  7. Dr. Seuss Themed Graduation Party

If you’re looking for the very best venue to hold your graduation party, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. However, some may argue that the best thing about school, college, or university isn’t graduation at all; in fact, lots of people might suggest that prom tops the list!

Sedgebrook Hall, located in Northampton, has an incredible event space, well suited for both graduation and prom parties. With plenty of space for the perfect summer event, a variety of fine private dining options, and lots of accommodation for those of your guests travelling from far away, why wouldn’t you choose Sedgebrook Hall to host your event?

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