Why you should have face-to-face meetings


In the modern world, there are many fabulous ways to contact people and touch base. While these methods certainly have advantages, having a face-to-face meeting can boost your productivity and improve relationships.


Improved communication

Body language is a big part of communication so the other person being able to see how you are carrying yourself or your facial expressions will really help them to understand your meaning. Your tone of voice will also convey your feelings and help to avoid misunderstandings for phrases that could have been misinterpreted if you were communicating via email.


Get instant feedback

Waiting for someone to reply to your emails or return your calls can take up precious time that could be used to further a project. Having a meeting to discuss everything face-to-face can speed up work, as you will have those answers straight away. You will also be better able to gauge people’s thoughts and opinions on ideas and solutions for problems that you are proposing.


Enables collaboration

Having a meeting as a team will allow you to exchange ideas and dedicate the time to all work on the same project together at the same time. This means that you can combine ideas and solutions that may not have been possible without everyone there, as they might not have been raised in such a way. You may also find that certain members of the team work very well in a face-to-face session that will boost productivity. You will also be able to use collaborative brainstorming equipment, like whiteboards and charts to help visualise your ideas in one place.


Meet new members

If your team has new members or you are meeting a new client, getting everyone on board and on the same page can be far easier in person. You will have a better opportunity to make a more accurate first impression and you will be able to gauge their reactions better, as mentioned before. It also enables them – and you – to put a face to the name, which will help future communications, as they will have a better idea of who you are and how you have interacted in person.



Face-to-face meetings are great for meetings, as you can meet new people and get to know others better. You may find that you have similar interests to your clients or employees and from this you may find possibilities for new business ventures or propositions.


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