Funny Hen Party Surprises for the Bride-to-Be

If you have been set with the task of planning a hen party or hen weekend, chances are you are both nervous and excited. The hen party is a pinnacle point in the lead up to the wedding day and is a chance for the hen and her loved ones to drink, dance and dress up to celebrate the happy occasion. There are so many options for hen parties from classy spa days to afternoon tea and roller discos.

You really can’t go wrong with a special party night with plenty of Prosecco and your girls which rivals the stag do. If your hen is a joker and loves to have a laugh, we have collated some funny hen party surprise ideas which are sure to leave her both surprised and smiling. So, here’s our ultimate collection of hen do surprises!

hen party ideas

Funny Hen Do Fancy Dress

What hen party theme wouldn’t be complete without fancy dress? This is your chance to go all out and paint the town red with your hilarious costumes.

Your bride to be will be in stitches when she arrives to see everyone dressed up. If you’re on a budget, why not make your costumes? Pinterest has thousands of amazing ideas which you can tailor to your event so you can look great without breaking the bank. Better yet, surprise your bride-to-be with a range of funny hen do fancy dress options from crowns and sashes to ‘L’ plates and maybe something a little less PG!

Food Items

If your hen is a foodie, she will love to see everyone dressed up as different food items. From bacon and eggs to ketchup and mustard, eBay and Amazon have a surplus of costumes for your hen party theme that will have everyone laughing the night away.

If you want to go for something unusual, choose a food theme such as items in a full English breakfast, and ask everyone to dress accordingly. If you cannot find what you want online, you can truly achieve anything with paper mache. We love this crazy DIY Starbuck’s Latte Coffee Cup Costume by Lisa on Coolest Homemade Costumes.


Although not incredibly practical, an inflatable costume of some sort is no doubt hilarious. Dress one of the guests as an inflatable dinosaur or reserve that costume for when the hen arrives. You can get some great photos with an inflatable costume so make sure someone has a camera ready.


With this costume, the more ridiculous the better. This is one of our personal favourite hen party ideas! Grab some grey wigs, floral nighties, slippers and rose gold canes and get ready to be old before your time as you party as a granny. Charity shops are the ideal place to find inspiration and costumes for this hen party theme, and you can always donate them back after use.

hen party ideas

Funny Hen Party Themes

Usually, a hen party will consist of lots of L plates, tutus and glitter. If you are looking to mix things up, choose a fab theme for your event. Think about what your bride-to-be likes and what would make her smile when she arrives. Have guests dress up and if you are surprising your hen, organise her costume to be ready for her arrival so she can join in the fun.

Era Hen Party

If you want to go for something bold, choose an era theme. Let’s take this hen do destination back in time!

Tailor it to the bride by choosing the era she was born. For the ’90s, ask everyone to come wearing low rise jeans, crop tops and plenty of butterfly clips. For the ’80s, choose bright jazzy prints and leg warmers.

Make a playlist filled with the bride to be’s favourites, along with all the classics from the year or decade they were born. Ask people to bring images of them during this time so you can pin them up on a board and laugh at the questionable hair and fashion choices.

Bride Themed Hen Do

We all know that the hen party is about spoiling the bride and giving her a brilliant time. So why not tailor the entire night to her. Ask everyone to dress up as the bride, bonus points if they have a signature look or hairstyle you can copy. Think of her favourite things and find ways you can incorporate this into the night.

If she loves only Fools and Horses, have a funny cake made featuring Del Boy and Rodney. If your hen loves a certain video game, think of a way you can make this into a fun, real-life party game. This is a chance for you to get extra creative. Not only will your bride-to-be find the costumes hilarious, but she will also be touched by how well you know her.

hen party ideas

Funny Hen Do Ideas

Now you’ve got your theme, you’ll need some entertainment for the bride’s last night of freedom, we have a range of hen party ideas below. Games are the perfect ice breaker if you have a guestlist who don’t all know each other. Chances are there will be a range of different people from the hen’s coworkers to family and friends, so it’s important to get people mingling with these hen do ideas.

Beer Pong

This is one of the most popular hen party activities of all time and the rules are simple. Set up 6 cups on either end of the table and get players to throw ping pong balls into the opponent’s cup. For every cup they get, the opponent must drink the contents. If you don’t like beer, you can play this game with any drink you fancy from gin and tonic to fruit juices.

If you want to ramp it up, why not have a mini-game to determine whether a player can throw the ball. For example, a “how well do I know the bride game” with loads of questions about the hen. You can play this in two’s or create teams of up to 4, depending on the size of your table.

Dare or Dare

What funny hen party wouldn’t be complete without a game of dares? In a twist on this classic game, the truth section is removed to leave more room for dares.

Create a list of unique tasks, ranging in difficulty for the guests, from photobombing in a public place to finishing a drink without using your hands. Rate each one on difficulty and align points accordingly. Whoever has got the most points by the end of the night, wins! Prepare a little prize for the winner and make sure to take plenty of photos!

Blind Drawing

This game is perfect for at home hen party ideas. Grab some paints, brushes and pens and some scrap paper and put guests into pairs. One participant must be blindfolded and try to draw the best picture possible of the hen.

Take these hen do activities a step further by combining them with a treasure hunt idea! Whether you’re searching around the house or adventuring into your local city centre with your badly drawn map in tow, you’ll have the perfect hen party game ready. Although we can’t guarantee this will be entirely stress-free, we can guarantee an incredibly fun hen party!

Their teammate will be there to verbally guide them on placement and materials. Bonus points if you use different colours! The hen must then judge which is the best drawing. This game is hilarious and the bride has something left as a keepsake to remember the party by.

hen party ideas

Funny Hen Party Surprises Conclusion

Now you have some funny hen party ideas, you can go forth and plan the best hen night ever which your bride-to-be will love. Which one of our great ideas was your favourite? Mix and match our suggestions for the ultimate night, and incorporate some of your own to make it personal.

The hen will be thrilled to be treated to such a great evening which is the perfect lead up to the big day. To spread the planning, why not ask a few other close friends to help out so together you can plan an unforgettable party.

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