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Unique Hen Party Ideas and Themes The Bride Will Love

It’s your big night! You and your fellow hens have been looking forward to this night for a VERY long time. Yourself, your maid of honour and the bridesmaids may just be beginning to plan your bachelorette party and choosing the right hen party theme is crucial! Whatever your style is, we have put together our top 13 unique hen party ideas and themes.

Choosing a Hen Party Theme

It can be really difficult to choose a theme for your perfect hen do. You want to plan a fun hen party that’s fun-filled for your bridal party, but also one that just screams you! Let’s be honest, there are two types of hen parties to choose from; classy and sophisticated, or the traditional and tacky, fancy-dress costume hen do.

Most brides lean towards more traditional ideas when choosing a unique hen party theme, but would also like an element of originality and sparkle added to it! Below you will find our very favourite unusual hen do ideas and themes split into three fab sections:

  • Unique hen party themes
  • Classy hen do ideas
  • Funny hen party ideas

Whichever unique hen party ideas and themes you decide to choose, our hen party venue in Northampton is the ideal place to host your event.

Sedgebrook Hall boasts a fantastic bar, where you can watch our talented bartenders create your favourite cocktail. We also have beautiful private dining rooms, where you and your hens can dance the night away, before staying in our relaxing bedrooms and getting a restful nights sleep. We are also close to the city centre if a big night out is more your style. No matter what you’re planning, our party venue in Northampton is guaranteed to give you the best night out.

Non-Traditional Hen Party Ideas

If you are after totally unique hen party ideas and themes, then look no further! Mix sophisticated and tacky with some of our favourite unique hen do themes we have seen at our venue. With plenty of hen party games and hen do activities to choose from, you’re going to be spoilt rotten! From costumes to stylish to downright funny, find your unique hen night theme below.

1. Glamping

Mix camping and fun activities with a little bit of glam and what do you have? Glamping! This is a fantastic bachelorette party idea and is great for a girls hen weekend away. Glamping is all about being at one with nature and spending time with your nearest and dearest whilst in the stunning English countryside.

Over recent years, glamping has become a full-blown phenomenon. You can now find stylish glamping locations all across the UK that each offers different experiences. If you’d still like to add a sprinkle of sophistication to your hen do, then why not look for a venue that offers cocktail masterclasses? And if boho girl is more your style, find a glamping venue that offers yoga retreats as part of the package!

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2. Festival Chic

Hens, you better get your flower crown ready, as we’re going festival chic! Boho festival wears such as summery floaty dresses, flower crowns and of course, glitter is everyone’s cup of tea. Load yourself up with these essential hen party accessories, and dance until you drop!

This is a perfect unique hen party idea and theme if your do is in the summer. Spend the morning drinking mimosas and getting ready and then head out to your favourite festival! Whether it’s the ultimate festival of the year, Glastonbury, or a day festival in London, you’re guaranteed to have a big day and night.

Chill out, relax in the sun, and dance the night away in front of your favourite bands and singers. A great tip is to combine this hen party theme with the glamping idea.

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3. Burlesque

What’s more appropriate for a hen party than learning a sexy burlesque dance? Get your Moulin Rouge outfits to the ready and throw it back to the 1920s! There are some fantastic Burlesque companies out there that provide you with your very own dance instructor plus some fab accessories such as feather boas. Taking part in a fun, sexy and empowering dance class could be the perfect way to bring your friends together.

Pop a few bottles of Champagne and get a few laughs going as you take turns to perform your dance routines! Besides, it’s a perfect opportunity to get some practice in before showing your new hubby after the wedding day! Feel free to mix up your Burlesque party by combining it with other party themes, like Great Gatsby or Art Deco. You could even partake in a bold vintage fashion shoot, to really capture the fabulous evening.

4. Masquerade Ball

What’s better than a party with a dress code? A party with a dress code that takes very little effort! There is something magnificent and mysterious about wearing a mask, yet incredibly simple. If you’re looking for non-tacky unique hen do ideas and themes, then this is perfect.

Masquerade balls require stylish dresses, long gloves and foot-long cigarette holders. You can even add some glitter and sparkle with diamante jewellery and accessories. This is a great idea if you are hiring out a private room for an all-out hen do, or if you’re simply heading out into town.

Some great advice? Get some masks printed of the groom for an added bit of fun. No one will be able to recognise you and who knows, maybe one of your hens and bridesmaids will have their Cinderella story moment!

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Classy Hen Do Ideas

Tacky isn’t everyone’s style. While it is the more traditional option for hen party themes and ideas, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Non-tacky ideas can be difficult to think of – given that most blogs you’ll read are based around the non-classy elements of a hen party. You can find our favourite unique and classy hen do ideas below.

5. Nude / Life Drawing

A hen life drawing party just screams sophisticated. Submerge yourself and your hens into a session filled with laughter, cheekiness and of course, a divine model of your choice. Most companies will supply you with all the tools you need to draw your nude male models such as sketch pads, pencils and more.

Treat the bride to be to a girly, outright classy and funny experience. But be warned – you are expected to be VERY detailed with your drawings in certain areas ;).

If you choose the right drawing company, they will provide you with an experienced model. They’ll be sure to who pose in different positions throughout and will provide you with plenty of inspiration.

In some cases, you might be able to hire a real-life model to come to your venue of choice.

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6. Monochrome

If fancy dress isn’t your thing, but you’d still like unique hen party themes and ideas, then monochrome is for you. Simple, classy and elegant. Ask all the hens to wear black and ensure that the bride is the only girl in white! After all, she is the bride to be.

If you don’t want total monochrome, then just add a splash of gold to the decorations and accessories! This will give the theme a pop of colour, and keep it super sophisticated. This theme is perfect if the bride doesn’t want too much fuss but would still like to have a great night with her girls.

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7. Pretty in Pink

Pink doesn’t have to be tacky! Leave the pink feather boas at home and instead opt for pretty pastels. Invest in some cute decorations such as pom poms, flowers, confetti and hen party crowns. If your bride loves to be all pink, then make sure her hens go all out and do the same!

This will make your photographs stand out and not to mention, is a sure safe way to get those social media likes rolling in. Pink is an easy and traditional colour to wear and you girls know the saying right? Pink to make the boys wink. It’s your last night of freedom, so go all out with a pretty in a pink classy hen do idea.

This theme is easy to integrate with all of your hen party ideas, whether you’re at a restaurant, a night club or spa day. Pair your classy day with a tempting tea party (afternoon teas are all the rage these days) and you’re definitely on to a winner!

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8. Pyjama Party

This isn’t just for the ladies who are looking for a low-key hen theme. Even if you are looking to go for a heavy night out on the town, matching pyjamas are a cute and fun fancy dress option. Not to mention comfy! The perfect excuse to leave your stiletto and platforms in the cupboard.

Some great advice and a top tip is to order custom pyjamas! These can be ordered online for an affordable price and is a fab keepsake for both the bride and the hens.

Hiring out an Airbnb is a fantastic activity to do if a pyjama party is your ideal hen idea. You can hire out some stunning properties and a small price – some of which include hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms!

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Funny Hen Party Ideas

Some of you looking for unique hen party ideas and themes will be simply looking for something outright funny and tacky! So don’t you worry – we have you sorted with our favourite traditional, tacky and glittery funny hen party ideas. From Spice Girls to Grannies, Angels and Demons to an epic Harry Potter hen party, we have all the very best, tacky, and funny hen party ideas that are guaranteed to give you the best night.

9. Spice Girls

Are you hens ready to SPICE UP YOUR LIFE. We all remember Sporty, Scary, Baby, Ginger and Posh. I’m sure at some point in our life we all desperately wanted to be part of the Spice Girls and we each had our favourite.

And who can possibly forget the totally unreal Spice Bus? Well, that iconic accessory is now available to hire!

That’s right, you can actually hire out the original Spice Bus! Get a great night’s sleep in this outstanding vehicle, complete with its zebra print carpets, neon signs, and its famous Union Jack exterior. Dress up as your favourite Spice Girl and hit the town for some awesome karaoke sessions. Be sure to include all the classics such as Wannabe, Never Give Up on the Good Times and Viva Forever.

10. Grannies

This is for the ladies who love a bit of silliness. Take this chance to dress up as grandmothers! Let’s face it: once the bride has tied the knot, she won’t be going out again!

Of course, we’re kidding. Either way, a granny themed hen party idea is a great way to have a laugh, be silly and throw some awesome moves on the dance floor.

Shop online and find the perfect outfit with accessories and decorations such as grey wigs, blue rinse, hair scarves, pearls, wrinkly stockings and giant oversized glasses. If you want to go all out, purchase a fancy dress walking stick or Zimmer frame! But bear in mind, these might not return with you after a night out of drinking cocktails and wine.

11. Angels and Demons

Every girl group has its mummies and then the bad influencers. That’s why the angels and demons themed hen party idea is great.

Let the bride choose who should dress up as what and get creative with outfits. Whether you’re an angel or a demon, make sure to make it sexy! Don’t be afraid to go all out with unique accessories and decorations.

Wings and halos are a staple accessory for all you angels whilst you sexy devils should opt for horns and a pitchfork to showcase your bad side. This unique hen party theme and idea is perfect if you are going to a cocktail master class. Ask the bartender to design cocktails around the angels and demons’ theme and don’t forget to do shooters throughout.

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12. Cowgirls

Probably one of the most traditional themed hen party ideas going, having a cowgirl theme is a great way to lasso all the girls together for one last night of wild fun. Cowgirl bachelorette parties can be a great opportunity to include some fabulous games (that require very little planning). We’ve even found a blog with some of the best western-themed party tips and tricks!

Of course, most of the suggestions can be adapted to include drinking games and shots, but some require teamwork, so get ready to become Thelma and Louise! Fancy dress costumes are easy peasy. Chequered shirts, Denim jeans, cowboy boots and of course the iconic hat are required for this hen party event. So get your costumes set up and be ready to listen to a whole lot of Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus.

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13. Cheerleaders

Give me a H. Give me a E. Give me a N. What does it spell? HEN! HEN! HEN! What better way to keep your spirits alive than with a cheer-tastic unique hen party theme? We’ve all seen the classic girly films such as Bring It On and absolutely fangirled over Kirsten Dunst.

There are some fantastic fancy dress ideas and costumes online including the traditional American schoolgirl cheerleader outfits with pom-poms galore. Online stores such as Etsy can provide you with custom cheer outfits, so get the whole squad together, and get ready to cheer the night away.

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Unique Hen Party Ideas and Themes Concluded

So, there you have it! 13 unique hen party ideas and themes to get you to start planning a hen party. From unique hen party themes to classy hen do ideas, we’ve outlined our very favourite themed hen parties we’ve seen at Sedgebrook Hall. With these funny hen party activities and ideas, it’s now down to the bride squad to get those planners out and start getting creative with fancy dress, costumes, accessories and decorations.

If you’re in need of a party planner to help you get started, our experienced events coordinators are fantastic at putting together a party to really suit you. Make a weekend of it by staying in our hotel.

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